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Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Notre Dame Seminary

2901 S. Carrolton

New Orleans, La. 70118

Notre Dame Seminary 2

The Notre Dame Seminary was completed in 1923. The corner stone was laid May 7, 1922. The Notre Dame Seminary is Graduate School of Theology for the Catholic Church. The Campus is not often seen bu tourist but the wonderful buildings stand out and should be a showcase for New Orleans. It often looks like a European Palace. It is a one of a kind….

Notre Dame Seminay 1

From its establishment as a free-standing seminary in 1923 by the Archdiocese of New Orleans, Notre Dame Seminary has as its primary mission the preparation of men for the ministerial priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church. The seminary, through an integrated and balanced program of priestly formation, seeks to prepare competent pastors for the Church in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd. Additionally, in order to foster a broader outreach in service to the needs of the local Church, the seminary offers educational and formational opportunities to other applicants.

Notre Dame Seminary 3

Notre Dame Seminary 4

Notre Dame Seminary Upclose

It’s Carnival Time in New Orleans, The Magazine Street Parades

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Fan Girl on Magazine

     This past Sunday I had some time and decided to walk over to Magazine Street to watch several parades. It’s a great place to watch parades. It is a family affair. Got tired and just sat on the front steps of a home. It was not crowded. Everyone was super nice.

    One thing I learned is that it pays to watch parades in different place so you can really get the neighborhood feel. In 3 blocks I saw 4-5 people that I knew. Guess we all wanted to watch the parades at the starting point on Jefferson Avenue. I will be there again…

Red Hair Dancing

Magazine Street Horses

Floats on Magazine Street1

Magazine Parade Route

Parade Watchers on Magazine

Historic Homes on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

St. Charles Avenue Homes

St. Charles Avenue Home,double gallery

     You will see such a variety of homes n St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. It is like a walk in history as you travel down St. Charles from Canal Street to Carrolton Avenue. Take a look at the variety of homes. How many towns in the United States can say they have such an historic street where you can rdie the streetcar and walk….

St Charles Avenue Home...

5718 St. Charles Ave. Home,The Victorian

5726 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans Home

Corner Home on St. Charles Avenue St. Charles Avenue home 5-24-15

Streetcar moving on St. Charles


Halloween in New Orleans is Bigger and Better than Ever….

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

Halloween Balcony in French Quarter

    New Orleans has become a destination location for Halloween. You are seeing more businesses and homes decorate.  Many of the decoration are just outstanding as each tries to out do the other. Balconies are provide such a stage for many. Having a lot of artisic folks never hurts....

Trunk of Horrors

Halloween Bourbon Street 2015

Halloween Balcony Witch....

Halloween Balcony 2015

Halloween Porch 2015

New Orleans Warehouse District, The Stage Door Canteen at the World War II Museum

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

Warehouse District,Stage Door Canteen

    Last week I was invited to a treat at lunch time to visit the Stage Door Canteen for a show. Bob Hope’s daughter was the guest of honor along with all the Veterans that came.

    The World War II Museum has become a destination for many that visit New Orleans. I sell a lot of condos in the Warehouse District and walk by the Museum many times over the past 10 years. It is always bigger and better each and everytime. It’s a must see venue when in New Orleans….


     The Victory Belles put on a great show. My father was in the U.S. Army from 1941 unit 1963 when we moved to New Orleans. He never really talked much about the war. He did receive several bronze stars and a Purple Heart fighting in the Pacific conflict. He was also in the Korean War.  He would have been 100 years old this year. Hats off to all these guys who risked their lives for our Freedom and Safety….

The Victory Belles

Stage Door Canteen

Victory Belles Perform

Victory Belles WWII
Victory Belle abd Flag

Victory Belles Dance

Walking the New Orleans Neighborhood Around 3915 St. Charles Ave., The Saint Charles Gardens Condos…

Monday, September 28th, 2015

St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans 

3915 St. Charles Ave, The Entrance, New Orleans Condos

3915 St. Charles Ave. St. Charles Gardens

    New Orleans has some great neighborhoods.  This is one of them along St. Charles Avenue.  Its a great area to walk and see all the historic homes and watch the streetcars pass you buy. This is a great neighborhood too walk. Let me share the photos of block before the condo which take up the entire block. So lets take a look…. 

3915 St. Charles Ave. Streetcar line

Streetcar moving on St. Charles

St. Charles Ave. Milan

St. Charles Ave. Columns Hotel

3823 St. Charles Ave. Condos

St. Charles Ave Homes 3

St. Charles Ave. Home, New Orleans 3

St. Charles Ave. Home 2

Christ Church Cathedral on St. Charles Avenue, Gothic Design 1887

Monday, September 7th, 2015

St. Charles Ave. Church 1

    This English Gothic church completed in 1887 has steeply pitched gables, an architectural detail that was a precursor to the New Orleans Victorian style. The cathedral is the oldest non–Roman Catholic church in the Louisiana Purchase: the congregation was established in 1805. Jefferson Davis was among its parishioners, and the altar from his home is at the church, as is the grave of Confederate general Leonidas Polk. Visitors are welcome to walk into the main building when daily services are not in session.

     The Church is located at 2919 St. Charles Avenue on the corner of Seventh Street. One of many gems you can see on the St. Charles streetcar line.

Christ Cathedral on St. Charles

Church, St. Charles Ave

Christ Cathedral on St. Charles Spires

St. Charles Ave. Streetcar 926

First Street in the New Orleans Garden District, Some Fine homes

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Garden District Home on 1331 First Street in New Orleans

Garden District Home in New Orleans2

Garden District Home in New Orleans 3

    The corner Home was built in 1869. Love the galleries on the side of the house and large side yard.

The Mississippi River Flows Throu New Orleans every Day…

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Steps to Mississippi

     Always a draw for photo taking is the Mississippi River as it moves in and out of New Orleans. Here is just a few of what I have captured over the past couple of years. The Mississippi River is a draw for tourist and locals.  That is why we are getting more access to the river.


Steamer Natchez Docked on the Mississippi



Mississippi River NOLA at Sundown



Mississippi River Bridge in New Orleans

Sunset on the Missippi River in New Orleans

My walk through the New Orleans Garden District this weekend….Some Beautiful Large Historic Homes

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Big Garden District Home in New Orleans

Garden District Yard

Garden District Mansion

    This weekend’s walk was about 530 pm on a Saturday afternoon. I had just been to see a client in the French Quarter where it was extremely crowded. I decide to park and get out and walk while there was still some nice light for photographs.  I ran into several tour groups but that was about it.

     These are all the very large homes that caught my eye. Its easy to see why this area of New Orleans is called the Garden District. I had been in the one pictured above and it is like 3 homes totaling over 8000 sq. ft. of living on a very large lot. At the time it was a second home for an out of state couple. Hard to believe but true….

Garden District Home, Wrought Iron Roofline details

New Orleans Garden District Home in Shade

Prytania Street Home in New Orleans,Curved Porch

Garden District, New Orleans  Home 5-9-15