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Night Time in New Orleans on General Pershing Street, Quiet but still colorful

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

General Pershing Home in New Orleans, Purple Nights        I have a condo complex on this street and stopped by the other night to get some night photos of the building.  This gave me a chance to walk the neighborhood and get some shots at night.  You can still see a lot of details and it is still colorful.  The beautiful porches, windows, shutters, stained windows and all the details still shine at night.  The neighborhood is two to three blocks off St. Charles yet you feel like you are in the country.

New Orleans Homes, Night time porch on General Pershing

New Orleans Homes with porches, night

Colorful Homes and Barackets, Porches, and Shutters in New Orleans this week…..

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Doubles on Marengo in New Orleans

New Orleans Uptown , Plenty of details on this porch


This weeks favorite homes all have that colorful look that makes New Orleans homes so cheerful. Check out the windows, Check out the brackets, Check out the porches Check out the shutters, Check out the doors, Check out the decorative details.  Just a lot to see when you are out and about.

Have you ever seen a Bird of Paradise as large as the one below.

Brackets, New Orleans Style

New Orleans Double with Bird of Paradise

Magazine Street Means Business in New Orleans…Homes, Stores, and Businesses just keep getting reinvented…

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Nola Flora On Magazine Street  in New Orleans

Magazine Street Salon


      You see a lot of unique stores, shops, and eating establishments that were all once something else.  They just keep getting recycled into something else.  That is part of the charm of most of Magazine Street as it moves from Residential into commercial as it makes it way from Canal Street to Audubon Park. Always interesting shops and Businesses as you can see.  I am sure the colors do get changed over time. Its the New Orleans Way….


Le Petite Grocery, Magazine Street and Gen Pershing in New Orleans

Magazine Street Business in a Victorian Home

Cottages Homes in New Orleans Become Quite Attractive and are In Large Demand….

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

New Orleans Homes, Small Corner Cottage


These small homes in Uptown New Orleans almost look too small by today’s standards.  These Homes are in big demand and can be fixed up so nice to look the part of a doll house. The lots are 25′ wide  and people want room on each side so many of the Homes are 10-12 ft wide.   They are often colorful and have nice porches, shutters and unique colors.  Just another example of how New Orleans Homes remain unique.

New Orleans Cottage Look...

Blue New Orleans Shot Gun Home, Narrow

The Windows in the New Orleans Home are one of my Favorites….

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

New Orleans Homes, Love the windows


This is one of my all time favorites for this style of windows.  The attic windows top it off along with the detailed work that been around for over 100 years…..Adding a touch of blue sky just tops it off….


New Orleans is Here to Enjoy, Grab the Experience…..

Friday, August 16th, 2013

White Lady with Umbrella

    People love to come to New Orleans because we do beat to a different drummer and things are very different.  Lots of walking, talking, eating and drinking.  Music in the street and unique performers can be seen any weekend in the  French Quarter.  Walk Magazine Street to find dozens of unique and great places to eat.  It even works in the Summer Heat…

Sucre on Magazine, 3 girls

Street Music in French Quarter Homes and condos

Large Historic Homes in Uptown New Orleans, Larger Lots with Large Homes

Thursday, August 15th, 2013



New Orleans Mansion on Corner in Uptown


New Orleans is an old town for the United States. Most of these Historic Homes were built before cars and did not have large yards.  You begin to find these larger yards and homes to match in Uptown New Orleans Homes that have a lot of character. Shutters and porches give them a New Orleans unlike any other city. Check out how green things are without much watering.  It rains enough for 11 months out of the year…

New Orleans Mansion, Green Lawn and White House

New Orleans Home with Grounds...

As you come to the end of St. Charles New Orleans, The Home Styles Change

Monday, August 12th, 2013

St. Charles Ave, Yellow and Green Cottage...


As you move down St. Charles Ave towards Carrollton Ave. you are actually moving along a time line of newer and newer homes.  This area was not always part of New Orleans and was developed at a later date than the homes on the Avenue closer to town.  Its the 1890’s to the 1910’s.  The variety is even greater as you begin to have more Victorian Homes, Country Cottages and much more.

The Carrollton Area wa annexed to New Orleans in 1874 but maintained its own identity for much longer with its own shopping areas with a more country feel.  The common thread was the streetcar line that runs along Carrollton Ave. after turning off St. Charles.

Pink Victorian on St. Charles Ave, New Orleans

Lavender Mansion on St. Charles Ave, New Orleans

Rosa Park, Street of Mansions in New Orleans Uptown….Big and Beautiful

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013


Rosa Parks Home New Orleans , Columns


Rosa Park is a dead end private Street right off St. Charles Ave. before getting to Audubon Park.  Its next to the Wedding Cake Mansion on St. Charles.  The street is not very big but the houses are all mansions.  All are in great shape and thy stand out as a unique slice of New Orleans that was developed in the 1890’s.  The private cul-de-sac is large mansions on large lots with plenty of space with a large neutral ground.  If you like columns you will love a couple of these homes….


Rosa Park Home with Columns in New Orleans

Rosa Park Spanish Style in New Orleans Homes

Rosa Park Mansion in New Orleans


Historic New Orleans Homes in a Row, Check out the Spring Colors…Wow Factor

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

     Summer has Hit New Orleans but these are some homes as Spring was coming to a full bloom.  Its the combination of colors and historic details of these historic New Orleans homes.  Homes are well taken care of and  the lush gardens follow a two week period where we got 12-15 inches of rain. New Orleans and  Mobile , Alabama receive as much rain as any city in the Continental USA.  Hilo, Hawaii gets more rain…