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Historic Corners in the New Orleans French Quarter…

Friday, May 3rd, 2013


French Quarter Corners 2Corners in French Quarter Royal and Ursuline StreetsCorners in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Gallery

     French Quarter Corners make some grat photos.  The wrap around gallery is common in this area of town.  Notice  the curve in the galleries.  The placement of the doors are also unique on these old buildings.  They all had to be some sort of retail space in the day.  These are just a sample of the color and the variety in the area…

The New Orleans French Quarter was “Very, Very Colorful” this first week of Jazz Fest…

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

French Quarter Streets in New Orleans2

Conti Street in New Orleans

    These are my favorites from this weeks shots in the French Quarter.  Jazz Fest started this week so the City of New Orleans was getting ready.  With recent rains everything was ready to spring to life and it did on the light and breezy day.  I was using a wide angle lens 10×22 so you can really get a lot in with one shot…..Lets see what I can find next week in New Olreans…

French Quarter Alley off of Conti Street

 Royal Street in New Olreans

Gardens at Beauguard-Keys Home in New Orleans French Quarter….

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Beauregard-Keys House and Gardens, New Orleans

Beauregard Keyes Home and Gardens

Beauregard-Keyes Home and Gardens

Beauregard Keyes Home and Gardens 

     The Beauregard Keyes Homes and Gardens is at the corner of Uruslines and Chartres.  This beautiful Garden is set to the origional plans of 1865 and is maintained as such.  The fountain was added at at later date.  You may miss this little piece of New Orleans but here it is from several different angles so you can enjoy it as much as I have…. 

Spring Colors on Porches and Balconies in New Orleans…

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

French Quarter Spring Colors 2013

New Orleans Porches in Spring, New Orleans Homes

    Two of my favorite subjects when photographing homes are the proches and balconies.  Then you add in Spring and it really brightens the neighborhood.  Front the simple cottages and shot guns to the mansions along St. Charles Ave. The Tropical weather allows us to have these wonderful colors that other places do not get to have.

Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans gives you a variety of structures all within the same Block

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Esplanade Avenue Church in New Orleans

 French Quarter Corner on Esplanade

Esplanade Ave Home in French Quarter

    All are colorful, historic, vastly different styles and all are within a block of each other on Esplanade Avenue that splits the French Quarter of New Orleans with the Marginy.   Of course there were plenty more but this is just a few that caught my eye last Friday.   You can publish volumes of the neat homes and buildings that line this famous New Orleans Avenue.

New Orleans Homes, From Cottages to Mansions…New Orleans has them all…

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

New Orleans Cottages, Small Homes

 Mansions in New Orleans, historic homes

      From cute color cottages to large historic mansions, New Orleans has them all.  They are all free to look at and get your walking in.  After walking you can catch the streetcar to Canal Street or to Carrolton Ave.

New Orleans Mansions on St. Charles Ave…Wedding Cake House…

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

IWedding Cake Home on St. Charles in New Orleans

Wedding Cake Home in New Orleans

      The New Orleans Mansion located at 5809 St. Charles is often called the “Wedding Cake Home” with all the design on the while home.  It was built in 1896 foor the cost of $13,265.  How prices have changed.  Its a good example of Colonial Revival Style…It had to be rebuilt in 1907 from a large fire.

Light House Returns to New Orleans Lakefront….

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Light House Returns in New Orleans

       The light house on Lake Pontchartrain is back and almost ready to go.  It was wiped out by Katrina in 2005.  Looks better than ever.

New Orleans Warehouse District, Check out the details in these buildings…

Sunday, March 17th, 2013


Warehouse District Widows in New Orleans

Warehouse District Building in New Orleans

Warehouse District Widows in New Orleans

      The New Orleans Warehouse District or Central Business District was the main street of New Orleans until the 1970’s when people started moving to the suburbs.  Most of these buildings were built in the 1900-1910 range.  They all have some great windows and details that you have to look up to see. 

      Most of the people livning downtown today are living in condos that have been converted inot condos from a wide ranging styles and types of buildings.  As late as the 1960’s this is where you went for a doctor visit, to the dentist, to the bank, to buy clothes, and visit the department stores that had the variety of goods all in one store…..  You were expected to dress up when you went shopping, some changes that we have seen…

New Orleans Mansions, Different Styles and Era’s…All Special…

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Mansion in New Orleans by Audubon Park, New Orleans Homes

Spanish Style Home in Uptown New Orleans

New Orleans Homes, Uptown

    Mansions in New Orleans come in all different styles and types.  There are just a lot of different styles as the ages of these homes range from 1870’s to the 1920’s.  The all have a lot of detail and were built when custom homes were the only thing being built.  All have some great porches and windows which is a New Orleans staple when it comes to these large homes….