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Creole Cottage in French Quarter of New Orleans, Residential area of the Quarter…

Monday, March 14th, 2011

         New Orleans French Quarter is much more than Bourbon Street and Jackson Square.  Its like taking a walking tour of history as you can walk street by street and always see something new.  The best time of year to do that is beetween now and the first week of June before the waves of humidity hit our air.  Remember to bring your camera and look for the details.  Easily over 100 years old.  The Creole Cottages date to the period between 1820 and 1840.  The double shotguns came later in history.

Royal Street Art Gallery, History, Music and Art fill the French Quarter…

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Royal Street Art Gallery in New Orleans

     You can actually say there is an art Gallery on almost every corner of Royal Street in the French Quarter.  It all works when you have a lot of foot traffic.  That is what makes window shopping a lost art in most cities rather unique in New Orleans.

Royal Street Art Gallery, New Orleans French Quarter. Window shopping still exists !

Monday, September 20th, 2010

French Quarter Reflections

       Royal Street art galleries and antique shops are a main stay in the French Quarter of New Orleans.   Window shopping has always been a great way to entertain one self in New Orleans.  Most of the galleries are unique to New Orleans.  Much of the art is from local artist.  Some have not been discovered and some are known worldwide.

     I call these reflection window shots where you get the art inside the shop but also get the reflection of the French Quarter building across the street.

Royal Street Art Gallery

New Orleans French Quarter is not all tourist! There are residents living here as well!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

French Quarter Residental Area, Homes in the French Quarter

     Many think the French Quarter is just full of tourist and bars but there is much more to expore and view.  This is a mistake not to vist these areas.  As you get closer to Esplanade Avenue the Quarter becomes much more residential with home and condos.  As you move towards North Rampart you also see this trend.  Many, many people do not venture far enough to get a different view.   Thus I will give you a few !  You can even find a place to park!!

Louisiana Foods and Spices can fill a grocery store alone?

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Lousiaiana Foods and Spices are Unique!

     Louisiana spices, mixes, batters, sauces can easily fill a grocery sote on their own.   This area is unique in that people like to cook and eat things that are truly different.  Everything from Gumbo mix, fry batters and hot sauces are native to South Louisiana.  They are only made one place in the world and that is in Louisiana.  The people  do not change their habits here easily but people visiting like to take a taste of Louisiana home with them.  This is a store in the New Orleans French Market but is not alone stocking these local items.  This is not all either. 

Creole Cottages in New Orleans, Very Historic!

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Creole Cottages, New Orleans French Quarter Real Estate

        The Creole Cottages in New Orleans are indeed historic !  These were very popular in the city from 1790 to about 1850.  These were very straight forward buildings with 4 identicle rooms and two cabinets in the rear.  These cabinets were smaller rooms that were for used for sleeping or a space for a staircase.  The houses were raised one or two steps above the street or banquette or sidewalk. The highest concentration of these cottages are in the Vieux Carre and the Fauboug Marigny.  The houses feature tow front doors or known as a two bay design.  many times outbuildings that were tow stories were built in the rear yards.

     This style is thought to have originated in the West Indies and introduced to New Orleans by early Haitian refugees.  The beauty today is that they are so simple and functional.  Much better to have added running water and power for today’s world.  They may look like a double but they are not.  Maybe this is where the idea came from?

Ferns and French Quarter Balconies, Semi-Tropical Weather makes it all possible.

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

New Orleans French Quarter Balconies,New Orleans Condos

        The balconies in the New Orleans French Quarter that adorn the historic buildings are also a showcase for those with a green thumb.  A balcony is a porch to the world to show their skills.  This is made possible by plenty of moisture through our humidity and frequent showers.  Freezes are rare occurrences and the sunshine is plentiful.  The growing season is long with the best weather being October to May.  The Mississippi Delta soil is rich in organic materials.  The only rocks that we have are imported from other states and countries.