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Christ Church Cathedral on St. Charles Avenue, Gothic Design 1887

Monday, September 7th, 2015

St. Charles Ave. Church 1

    This English Gothic church completed in 1887 has steeply pitched gables, an architectural detail that was a precursor to the New Orleans Victorian style. The cathedral is the oldest non–Roman Catholic church in the Louisiana Purchase: the congregation was established in 1805. Jefferson Davis was among its parishioners, and the altar from his home is at the church, as is the grave of Confederate general Leonidas Polk. Visitors are welcome to walk into the main building when daily services are not in session.

     The Church is located at 2919 St. Charles Avenue on the corner of Seventh Street. One of many gems you can see on the St. Charles streetcar line.

Christ Cathedral on St. Charles

Church, St. Charles Ave

Christ Cathedral on St. Charles Spires

St. Charles Ave. Streetcar 926

New Orleans Garden District Walk….New Orleans Historic Homes

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

Garden District Home 2015-1

         In the early 1800’s the area we now call the Garden Distict were plantations along the Mississippi River Upriver from the City of New Orleans.  The Area was developed from 1832 to 1900. The plantations were sold off as large parcels of land to mainly wealthly English speaking Americans who did not live in the French Quarter where most of the Creole families lived.

         The area became the City of Lafayette in 1833. It was later annexed into the City of New Orleans in 1852. The Neighborhood was then known as the Garden District becaause of the large lots and lush gardens. later many of the parcels were further divided up into smaller plots.  Now it is one of the most valuable real estate in the State of Louisiana.

Garden District Home in New Orleans 9-2015

Garden District Home, New Orleans 15

Garden District Home, Double Balcony 15

Garden District Home and Porches

Garden District Side Yard.New Orleans

Henry Buckner House on Jackson in New Orleans….A Recent Movie Star…

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Jackson Avenue Street Mansion    The Henry Buckner House was a recent Star of Series, American Horror Story, Coven.  It was once Soule Business from 1923 to the 1970’s.  Completed in 1856 for Henry Buckner who made his fortune on “King Cotton”.  The 20,000 sq.ft Mansion is located at 1410 Jackson Avenue on the edge of the New Orleans Garden District.  Its Forty-Eight monumental Ionic and Corinthian fluted cypress columns puts it in a class of its own.

Jackson Ave. Mansion from Side Street

Jackson Avenue Mansion, Iron Gate

The Columns Hotel on St. Charles Ave. , More than it seems…..

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

    The Columns Hotel located at 3811 St. Charles in the Garden District was not always a Hotel.  Built in 1883 by the owner of a cigar factory it later became a baording house before being converted inot a Hotel.  It is known by locals for its Happy Hour which is well attended.   You need to try it at least once.  Bottoms Up…..

Garden District home at Night in New Orleans, A different light…

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

        Shooting photos of  homes at night is going to give you a different look.  These were shot without a tripod one night last week.  You can see a lot of details and the shadows are not as deep. The Garden District has a lot of historic homes that make great shots at night.  Great area just to walk as the sun is going down.  These were spur of the moment photos but really gives the homes a detailed appearance.  Today’s cameras are amazing in the low light.

Tracy’s On Magazine gets a thumb up, Great sandwiches and more…

Monday, April 4th, 2011

    Tracy’s at Magazine and Third is a good place to eat along with that New Orleans Feel.  I bought on the Groupon deals and used it last week.  I have been back once since last week.  The Groupon is where you pay $10 and get to get $20 worth of food.  Its a good way to get acquainted to new places.  Its new in this location and thought I wanted to try it out and give it a thumbs up.

Garden District Home is pretty as picture ! Helps to have a good camera man as well…

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Garden District Cottage, New Orleans Homes

     The Garden District is not all large homes with huge  garden like yards.  There are many that are just as historic and well maintained as this great home on the Garden District.  Think its was on Coliseum Street in the New Orleans Garden District.  It too has a pretty good story as well….

Garden District Home, Its the small elements that make these historic homes all the more elegant..

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Historic Elements Galore on the Garden District home in New Orleans

      This Garden District home was photographed earlier in the Spring of 2010.  Its all the small details that make these old homes so elegant and even the more intriguing in the age of instant construction. How long did it take to build this home in its day ?  How many man hours and how much creative work when into the planning.  Just focus on the iron work to get an idea of the time and effort it took to build these homes before power saws and such.

Garden District Home, New Orleans

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Victorian Uptown Historic Home

     This house has always caught my attention when I walk the Garden District.  It has got to be the colors that attract my attention and the detailed paint job.  It must have cost $25,000 plus to paint a house in such detail. I found this in a history of historic homes and it was painted all white in 1992. Just sharing !!

Magazine Street Merchants, They come in all niches ! The flag and banner niche !

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Flag Store on Jackson and Magazine St.

       Flags and Banners is what gets sold here on Magazine Street.  Its another unique store on Magazine Street that is really a one of a kind for the New Orleans area.  Everyday that it is open you will notice all the flags and banners for sale.  Must take the owner some time each day to take down and put up his display.  Go in the store and its packed with even more than anyone would think.