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Gallier Hall Light Show in the Warehouse District… Luna Fete

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

Gallier Hall Light Show

     Gallier Hall on St. Charles Avenue has been around since 1853. The light projection show called Luna Fete is in its first year.  For the last week you have two shows nightly lasting about 10 minutes.  It was 10 minutes well spent. The 75 ft. tall facade came alive with this fantastic light show.  Just one of the many things New Orleans can offer during the holiday season. The only downside is that it lasted only a week….

Gallier Hall Light Show 3

Gallier Hall 4

Gallier Light Show 2

New Orleans Warehouse District, Always Something interesting to do….

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Outlet Mall on the Mississippi in New Orleans


One of the more popular places in New Orleans for second homes is in the New Orleans Warehouse District.  One of the big reasons is that there is always a lot to do. There are more and more new things mixed in with the old. The new Outlet Mall is one of the newer attractions.

There are always the old standbys like Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar that everyone should at least try. Fulton Street is middle age but is getting better with age. Views of the Mississippi are among the most scenic in New Orleans. Here is just a touch of the Warehouse District.  Maybe you too will like a condo as a second home.

Sunset on the Missippi River in New Orleans

Fulton Street in New Olreans

Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar in New Orleans

Eric at Italian Square in Warehouse District

Jester and Creole Queen

Nights in the New Orleans Warehouse District

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Warehouse District Church at Night

    Nights in the New Orleans Warehouse District.  The District can be very busy at times and then very busy.  These night shots just show it as a quiet but beautiful neighborhood. Its not all like that so I had to include one busy night spot on St. Charles Avenue.

Julia Street in New Orleans Warehouse District

New Orleans Warehouse District Nights, Eating

New Orleans Convention Center, New Look 2013

Federal Fibre Mills Condos in New Orleans Warehouse District…

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

1107 S. Peters 413, Federal Fibre Mills Condos, Exposed Beam s and Brick     The Warehouse Distirct has become a favorite of second homers.  The Federal Fibre Mills is one of my favorite buildings.  This is the inside of a condo that I just listed.  Its known for its exposed beams, exposed brick, large windows, wood ceilings, high ceiling and attention to historic details. This one is being sold furnished for $320,413. Over time many of the owners have upgraded their units to look much like this one.

1107 S. Peters 413, Federal Fibre Mills Condos, Brick Walls

1107 S. Peters 413, Federal Fibre Mills Condos, Kitchen 2

1107 S. Peters 413, Federal Fibre Mills Condos, City Views

1107 S. Peters 413, Federal Fiber Mills Condos, Loft Style Bedrooms

The Federal Fibre Mills Condos, A Warehouse District Condo Delight…..

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

1107 S. Peters Courtyard and Pool Area, Federal Fibre Mills Condos


The Federal Fibre Mills located in the New Orleans Warehouse District is one of my favorite condo associations and historic renovations in the area.  The exposed beams, exposed brick, high ceilings, large windows couple with an outstanding courtyard and lobby make this hard to beat.

It was built as a rope factory in 1896 as it was close to the river and the Cotton Mills that surrounded it.  It was later to become an ingradual part of the 1984 World’s Fair before being developed into condos.

1107 S. Peters, Lobby with Exposed Beams, Federal Fibre Mills Condos


1107 S. Peters Condos, Federal Fibre Mills Condos, lobby entrance

New Orleans Warehouse District, Check out the details in these buildings…

Sunday, March 17th, 2013


Warehouse District Widows in New Orleans

Warehouse District Building in New Orleans

Warehouse District Widows in New Orleans

      The New Orleans Warehouse District or Central Business District was the main street of New Orleans until the 1970’s when people started moving to the suburbs.  Most of these buildings were built in the 1900-1910 range.  They all have some great windows and details that you have to look up to see. 

      Most of the people livning downtown today are living in condos that have been converted inot condos from a wide ranging styles and types of buildings.  As late as the 1960’s this is where you went for a doctor visit, to the dentist, to the bank, to buy clothes, and visit the department stores that had the variety of goods all in one store…..  You were expected to dress up when you went shopping, some changes that we have seen…

Looking up in the Warehouse District of New Orleans, Artwork not often seen up close….

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

     Looking up at the various works of art on these old building is often captured with camera over the naked eye.  Always amazed at one one gets to see when you actually get up close.  All these these great works right above our heads.  This is a fraction of what you can find in a couple of blocks of the Old New Orleans Warehouse District….Enjoy these looks….


World War II Museum, Boeing Exhibit Taking Shape….One going up and one came down…

Thursday, April 5th, 2012



      The World War II Museum is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity.  Its also growing with more exhabits such as the new Boeing Exhibit is beginning to take shape where there was once a parking lot.  A parking lot just went up where some old warehouse once stood until a month ago.  The Museum is a destination in itself and a great addition to the New Orleans Warehouse District.

Saint Patricks at 724 Camp Street, Its been here since 1840….

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

      I never dreamed St. Patricks Church has been in New Orleans since 1840.  Located in the New Orleans Warehouse District close to Lafayette Square it is a must see for history buffs.  James Gallier was called in to help complete the church when it was having structural problems during construction.  The land was just too soft.   The Gothic Style tower is 185 foot high.  It has undergone major renovation from 1978 to 1990.  It is as popular as ever.  Still hard to believe its been here for more than 170 years.

Fulton Street in New Orleans, Its a short street but is getting plenty of action…

Monday, June 20th, 2011


   Fulton Street in the New Orleans Warehouse District was once  just a collection of old warehouses before the World’s Fair in 1984.  Anchored by Harrah’s Casino Hotel on Poydras with places to eat and drink has become a pedestrian walkway.  It has become home to the New Orleans Seafood Fest in October and the “Miracle on Fulton Street”

    Now its becoming a place to visit in New Orleans as it in the center of the Convention Center business in New Orleans.   There is more to come…