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Warehouse District, Sun Ray Grill in the Cotton Mill Condos…

Friday, March 11th, 2011

     The Sun Ray Grill in the New Orleans Warehouse District is unique and has good food as well.  The Grill is actually in the corner of the Cotton Mill Condos.  You get the warehouse feel with the large windows, concrete floors and exposed brick.  The building dates back to 1900 and covers the entire block.

    My favorite on the menu is the spicy ribs and cheese cake homemade style.   New Orleans has a lot of good places to eat and this is one of them.  Its worth checking out.


Eating through New Orleans, Herbsaint on Saint Charles Ave on a recent weekday night !

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Eating in New Orleans Herbsaint Bar and Restaurant on St. Charles Ave.

      New Orleans loves to eat out and the variety is great for a smaller city.  We went to a Hornets game last week and even I was surprised how many people were eating out at 9 pm.  People just start later to enjoy themselves than many many places.  You cannot always eat on the sidewalk but in October the weather has been very agreeable and without much rain.    

      This is at Herbsaint Restaurant and Bar at 701 St. Charles Ave. where you can watch the streetcar roll by and enjoy your conversation on the sidewalk.  Have you ever thought about trying one new place a week where you have not been.   That would take a while.  What happens is that most folks find places they like and return rather than taking the chance on a new one.  But you can at least brake the mold and try a few new ones on a regular basis.

Civil War Museum in New Orleans, Just not well known?

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Civil War Museum, New Orleans Warehouse District

     The Civil War Museum  been in New Orleans  for a while having been built in 1891.  Its located at 929 Camp Street around the corner from Lee Circle.  The Howard library was built later and it is next door and has a similar look as to the bricks.  Its full of Confederate Memorabilia.  Oddly enough I cannot ever remember going to the museum.

Barrone Street Church in the New Orleans Warehouse District. Its free to stop in and see!

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Churches are History, Warehouse District Church

      Historic New Orleans Church located at 130 Barrone Street is worth seeing.  Its the Immaculate Conception Church.  Its across the street from the Fairmont Hotel.  Here is a couple of interesting tid bits and info on tours.  Its even got its own website  Jesuit Church .

                                                       Zachary Taylor Bell
   ” The bell was cast in New York in 1849 and presented to Zachary Taylor while he was President. In 1887 President Taylor’s granddaughters presented the bell to the Jesuit Church.”

     ” Prior to Hurricane Katrina, Jesuit Church offered tours regularly and is proud to do so again. All tours are free and open to the public and will begin promptly at 3 p.m., directly prior to the 4 p.m. Vigil Mass. The duration of the tour is approximately 30 minutes. All those attending a tour are asked to gather by the Baptismal Font  at the rear of the church. ”

     ” Tours will take place once a month, on the last Saturday of the month. All tours will begin at 3 p.m.”

Historic New Orleans Warehouse District Fire House stands out!

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Warehouse District Historic Firehouse at 1043 Magazine

      This historic New Orleans Warehouse District firehouse stands out as most to the buildings around it have been torn down for the World WarII Musuem.  Most likely the firehouse was built in the 1880’s or before is was deemed too historic to tear down.  The 1043 Magazine Street stands out with the new street and sidewalks since the opening of the last phase of the museum.  The exterior looks great,  Wonder where they put the horses in those days!

New Orleans Warehouse District ! Old Buildings converted to other uses!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Warehouse District Buildings, What is Next!

      The New Orleans Warehouse District is always changing.  The old buildings are constantly being converted to real estate of better use.  This one looks like its getting ready for a new life as something else.  Besides condos it could easily be commercial space for offices, retail, and whatever!  I wonder what this building will become!!

The Warehouse District Condos are becoming a place for second homes!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

760 Magazine Place Condos Buildings

      The New Orleans Warehouse District is where old buildings have been converted into condos.  This was once a sausage factory and meat packing plant 100 years ago.  They have been converted into condos.  Many are becoming second homes for people staying here parts of the year.  Most of the units are historic and have been updated making them very pleasant spots.

     You are 7 blocks to the French Quarter.  You are 4 blocks to the Mississippi River and the Riverwalk.  You can walk to the Super Dome and the New Orleans Area.  You are 4 blocks to the Convention Center, World War II Museum, blocks to Harrah’s Casino and many world class places to eat.  An easy walk to catch the St. Charles Ave. street to Uptown and points beyond.  You can stay a weekend and never use the car.  Walk everywhere!!

760 Magazine Place Condos living area

Federal Fibre Mills Condos has the best lobby in the New Orleans Warehouse Distirct!

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Federal Fibre Mills Condo Lobby, New Orleans Warehouse District

     The Federal Fibre Mills in the New Orleans Warehouse District was once a rope factory after being built in the 1890’s.  I was a short trip to the Mississippi River and one of America’s largest ports.  It was renovated for the New Orleans World’s Fair in 1984 before being converted into Condos.  The lobby features a five story atrium with exposed beams and bricks.  Today it is the finest lobby in the New Orleans  condo market.   Many of the units have the same features left in tact for the present owners to enjoy.  See Fibre Mills Loft and Federal Fibre Mills Courtyard to get a better idea as to what this condo has to offer.

New Orleans Lofts, Mainly in the Warehouse District! The Federal Fibre Mills Look!

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Federal Fibre mill Condo Lofts in New Orleans Warehouse District

      Most of the residences in the New Orleans Warehouse District are condos.  Few of the condos are what I consider lofts.  This is a good example of a loft where the bedroom is slotted above the living area or kitchen within the space of the condo.  It is generally open so the bedroom can have light and feel more open.  The Federal Fibre Mills has the most of these loft type of condos.  They will feel smaller than a traditional one bedroom because they are smaller.  A recent trend is to  build a loft within a one bedroom if the ceilings are high enough for a small guest room or office.

The Cotton Mill Condos in New Orleans Warehouse District, The Windows are an absolute great feature!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Cotton Mill Condos, The Large windows are winners in the New Orleans Warehouse District

      The Cotton Mill Condos is a converted Cotton Mill dating from the late 1890’s that was converted to rental units in 1990 and later converted into condos.  It what I call a true New Orleans Warehouse condo that features 18 ft. ceiling, exposed brick, exposed beams, wood floors and yes the extra large windows.  The natural light and high ceilings really makes a small units look much larger.