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New Orleans Warehouse District Condos, 330 Julia St.

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

The Rotunda Condo For Sale

330 Julia Street, New Orleans, La. 70130

Unit #309, Very Special Condo

Check out the TV Ad on the Condo Below

     This condo that I listed is a winner since it has a lot of positive features for a New Orleans Warehouse District Condo. 

     The location is in the center of the Warehouse District which is an easy walk to all destinations in the area. The Convention Center, Outlet Mall, St. Charles Avenue and many places to eat and drink are within 3 blocks from the Rotunda Condo Assoication. Emeril’s is on the corner below this condo.

      The street views from both rooms give the unit views and lots of natural light. The eleven foot ceilings and large windows make the unit feel bigger. The open floor plan is also a big plus. There is no carpet as all the floors are tile and wood.

       The updated kitchen and bath are important updates in all condos. The bathroom is in the hallway so you do not have to enter the master bedroom to use the bathroom. The unit has lots of closets for storage.

    The size of the one bedroom unit being 829 sq. ft. makes it one of the larger one bedroom units in the area with lots of space in the living room. Having garage parking on the first floor is a big plus and is easily worth 35k-40k. Parking has become much more important and valuable since the conversion into condos.

Street Views of Tchoupitoulas Street

French Quarter Christmas Holiday Decorations

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

The Colorful French Quarter

New Orleans,La. 70116

      New Orleans decorates for Holidays. A lot of homes, condos and buildings in the French Quarter decorate. Most decorations are very colorful. Great place to visit during the holidays. These are a few of my photos from my walk December 16,2017.

     Great place to have a second home in New Orleans is a French Quarter condo as there are so many Fests and Holidays for you, your family and friends to visit.


French Quarter Decorated Doors French Quarter Christmas Balcony 1

French Quarter Double Christmas Decorated

French Quarter Santa in Window

French Quarter Christmas Balcony Royal Street

French Quarter Museum 533 Royal Tree

French Quarter Christmas Courtyard 533 Royal

Courtyard at Christmas 533 Royal

Laurel Street and Constantinople Street in New Orleans, Homes and Cottages…A Quick and Colorful Walk..

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015


Uptown Home and Plants

          New Orleans has so many colorful neighborhoods and many more colorful homes and cottages.  These are homes around Laurel Street and Constantinople in Uptown New Orleans. Love the fences and porches on all these homes. Such a variety of colors and styles. There are few that look alike. The colors and plants really set them apart.  Always better to see more with a quick and quiet walk. 

Uptown New Orleans Home, Blue Chairs

New Orleans Home,Red Door

Uptown New Orleans Home, Blue Door

Laurel Street Home,New Orleans

New Orleans Homes in Mid City Near Bayou St. John

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

Mid City Neighborhood and Homes

New Orleans Homes in Mid City 5

     One of my favorite neighborhoods in all of New Orleans is in Mid City near City Park and Bayou St. John.  It’s a great neighborhood to walk and view pretty home and yards. Most of the houses are from 1920’s to 1930’s in these neighborhoods.


     You get to see some unique yards and plants that you will not see in other areas of New Orleans. Residents love plants and flowers with color. The people always seem to change them up over time. The large oak trees add to the neighborhood giving them a country feel. Many of the homes have nice size yards as you can see in these photos.


    The Craftsman style of homes is very common in the area. Love the porches and columns. It is also a very colorful area with the deep red bricks and bright red tile roofs.

New Oreans Home in Mid City 4

New Orleans Home in Mid City 2

New Orleans Home on Bayou St. John

Happy House Purple

Mid City Home and Flowers 6

Historic Homes on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

St. Charles Avenue Homes

St. Charles Avenue Home,double gallery

     You will see such a variety of homes n St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. It is like a walk in history as you travel down St. Charles from Canal Street to Carrolton Avenue. Take a look at the variety of homes. How many towns in the United States can say they have such an historic street where you can rdie the streetcar and walk….

St Charles Avenue Home...

5718 St. Charles Ave. Home,The Victorian

5726 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans Home

Corner Home on St. Charles Avenue St. Charles Avenue home 5-24-15

Streetcar moving on St. Charles


Moss Street Along Bayou St. John in New Orleans,Walking the Mid City Neighborhood

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

     Walking along Bayou St. John on Moss Street really gives you a sense of history and the variety of homes in the area. Large ones,small ones, old ones and even older ones. You start off near City Park and walk til your legs give out, then come back on the other side as you return. 

Moss Street Plantation in Mid City New Orleans

Plantation Style Homes when the Bayou was young.

Bayou St. John Plantation

Craftsman Colorful home on Bayou St. John

A Colorful Craftsman Style home just stands out….

Blue and Yellow New Orleans Home

Historic Double on the Bayou with a Victorian Feel…

Across the Bayou,Homes

Looking across the Bayou at the small homes on the other side.

Doubles in the Mid City Neighborhood of New Orleans

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Mid City Doubles in New Orleans

Mid City Home Blooming
Mid City Doubles in New Orleans 1

     The Mid City Neighborhood has some of the best collection of doubles in New Orleans. Most likely built in the early 1900’s.  They feature porches, small front yards, and small rear yards. Close to City Park and Bayou St. John. They are charming and colorful to these neighborhoods.

Mid City Homes and Streets, Look what you can see in several blocks…On Desoto Street in New Orleans

Sunday, November 16th, 2014


Desoto Street Gate and Porch, New Orleans Home

Last Monday I took Bob Wilson from San Diego to Desoto Street in Mid City starting at Bayou St. John.  It’s an area that a lot of tourist will never see.  I wanted to show him the variety of homes that you can see in several blocks with a short walk.  It’s a great neighborhood with a lot of things going on.  People are working on their homes.  You see no for sale signs and plenty of color.

These are just a few of what we saw. Lots of details and colors on one street. The variety of sizes, ages and styles always make me think, how lucky we live in a town with so many historic homes that people appreciate.

Desoto Street Victorian, New Orleans Homes

Details in the shade, Mid City Homes

Bayou St.John Home, New Orleans Homes

Crescent Title on Maple Street now Calls This Home…

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Crescent Tittle, Maple Street Nights

 ….Crescent Title now calls this “home” on Maple Street in New Orleans.  I know they have been there for about a year.  It’s a great place to call home for one of the busiest and best  title companies in New Orleans.  It was a real estate office before becoming a title company and getting a total update in 2013.

….People in historic neighborhoods do recycle homes as good as anyone in the United States. I have no idea of what was here many years ago.

Crescent Title on Maple Street 1


Love the Porches in the Uptown Neighborhoods of New Orleans

Friday, October 31st, 2014

General Pershing Porch and Shade

    Always a refreshing view.  The variety of styles, colors, and designs are never-ending.  You have to remember that all these homes were built before a/c in a sub tropical climate that New Orleans enjoys.  Porches are for shade and protection of the elements. Rain an Sun.  

    Porches put a “smile” on these historic homes.  People do like to spend time outside and with not much hint of Fall as we enter November you can easily see why.  You get to see a lot of details when you walk these area as I did this past Sunday.

Uptown New Orleans Home, Gallery and More

Shady Porch on Gen Pershing, a New Orleans Home

Monsters on St. Charles Ave...