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French Quarter Christmas Holiday Decorations

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

The Colorful French Quarter

New Orleans,La. 70116

      New Orleans decorates for Holidays. A lot of homes, condos and buildings in the French Quarter decorate. Most decorations are very colorful. Great place to visit during the holidays. These are a few of my photos from my walk December 16,2017.

     Great place to have a second home in New Orleans is a French Quarter condo as there are so many Fests and Holidays for you, your family and friends to visit.


French Quarter Decorated Doors French Quarter Christmas Balcony 1

French Quarter Double Christmas Decorated

French Quarter Santa in Window

French Quarter Christmas Balcony Royal Street

French Quarter Museum 533 Royal Tree

French Quarter Christmas Courtyard 533 Royal

Courtyard at Christmas 533 Royal

Things to see, do and hear in the French Quarter, Its no wonder people love having a second home here….

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Hotel on Esplanade in NOLA


There is so much to see, do, hear and smell in the New Orleans French Quarter.  Took these in an hours time walking around. The Melrose Plantation is a Bed and Breakfast on Esplanade across the street from the French Quarter.

The Masks are colorful and are for sale at the French Market.  Just one of the hundreds of items for sale.  The “Trashy Diva Window” is on Royal Street and always has some interesting dresses for sale.

The Rouses Supermarket on Royal is home to many a band on weekends. Always a good place to get a sandwich, a drink, snack or whatever. The music is fun. Just 2 blocks to Jackson Square.

Window Shopping Inside, French Quarter

Masks at French Market

Rouses on Royal Street, The Band


French Quarter Condos, Hidden Tropical Courtyars on Royal Street

Saturday, October 19th, 2013


837 Royal Street Condo Entrance, French Quarter Condos

      You just never know what is behind each wall and gate in the French Quarter.  This condo association is located at 837 Royal in the heart of the Quarter. Its like a country getaway once you walk inot the enclosed courtyard located behind the historic Creole Townhome that dates back to 1840.  It is so close to everything and that is what makes it unique…

837 Royal Street Condo, Courtyard Sitting, French Quarter Condos


837 Royal Street L,Courtyard and Pool. French Quarter Condos

837 Royal Street L, Courtyard and Mini Pool


Gallier House at 1132 Royal Street, Full of details…

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011


Gallier House Details in New Orleans French Quarter

         Lots of details in the Gallier House located on Royal Street in the New Orleans French Quarter.  Built in 1857 it has so many details you just have yto look at the photos to get a true picture.  Notice the monkey molding as you will rarely see that again in New Orleans.  Its a museum in itself.

Gallier House Mirror

Hidden Courtyards in New Orleans, Always a treat so had to share !

Monday, November 15th, 2010

1020 Esplanade Condos, Hidden tropical pools

       The French Quarter condos at 1020 Esplanade Avenue features an amazing courtyard and pool behind the old brick walls.  Its like a tropical garden with its brick walkways, swimming pool and fountain.  Walking by the front of the building you would never know what is behind the gates.  This courtyard is for only 24 units which makes it even more amazing.  New Orleans is a city of quiet courtyards and surprises.  Its just another story you may never know….

1020 Esplanade Condos, Tropical Courtyard

French Quarter Home features a lot of details and fine workmanship!

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

fq showing workmanship

     Its the details that make many of these old historic homes in New Orleans stand out.  No one here is afraid to paint the details, its much like putting on your makeup every day before facing the world.  The French Quarter home is loaded with details of the day.  There was no front yard to show off so why not put a happy and colorful face on the front !  Most of the homes had small courtyards in the back of house.

French Quarter Balcony is blooming ! Lots of color and time for this display !

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Balcony fo Flowers in the French Quarter of New Orleans

     This French Quarter home has a lot of color this morning in July.  This just does not happen and someone has planned, fed and watered these plants into this vibrant display.  Most of the flowers are impatiens that need daily watering in our Summer heat.   Maybe there should be a Balcony Garden of the Month !  The sun had just come up and the owner had just finished watering.

Cornstocks in the French Quarter! Longing for Iowa an early owner gave the hand crafted iron fence as a gift to his wife!

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Cornstock Hotel in New Orleans French Quarter

      Today diamonds may work to impress your wife but to the owner of this French Quarter HOme in 1834,  it was a graceful iron cornstock fence.  His wife was homesick for Iowa so his thought was to make her feel at home in New Orleans.  The story never let us know if it worked but it did leave the French Quarter another historic landmark to talk about.

     The 915 Royal Street home is now a hotel which leads to other stories as well.  Notables from Elvis to Bill Clinton have stayed here over the years. 

     One other historical note is that Harriet Beecher Stowe stayed here and was inspired to write Uncle Tom’s Cabin after visiting the local slave market.

     An other oddity is that this is not the only Cornstock fence in New Orleans.  You have have to see this  Garden District  home to believe.  That had to be one great fence salesmen for his day.

New Orleans French Quarter has its Quite Moments!

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

French Quarter New Orleans, Quiet Residentail Areas        There are quiet areas of the New Orleans French Quarter where people do live a normal life.  As much as normal can be in the City of New Orleans.  Once you get away from the tourist areas its another world.  Its a small place but it has plenty of details and millions of photos past and millions more in the future.  There are a lot of condos which are second homes.  There is a lot of renovations and upgrades starting again, you can sense change in the air.

French Quarter condos as second homes! The feature of courtyards and balconies!

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

French Quarter Condos, the courtyards

      The coolest asset of many of the condos in the New Orleans French Quarter is the courtyards behind the walls.  Its a tropical get a way but yet close to many reasons that people like to visit New Orleans.  Most of the condos in the New Orleans French Quarter are second homes but all do not have areas like this.  its always a plus to get something where you can just kick back and relax.

 French Quarter Condos-Common Areas