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Laurel Street and Constantinople Street in New Orleans, Homes and Cottages…A Quick and Colorful Walk..

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015


Uptown Home and Plants

          New Orleans has so many colorful neighborhoods and many more colorful homes and cottages.  These are homes around Laurel Street and Constantinople in Uptown New Orleans. Love the fences and porches on all these homes. Such a variety of colors and styles. There are few that look alike. The colors and plants really set them apart.  Always better to see more with a quick and quiet walk. 

Uptown New Orleans Home, Blue Chairs

New Orleans Home,Red Door

Uptown New Orleans Home, Blue Door

Laurel Street Home,New Orleans

Historic Homes on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

St. Charles Avenue Homes

St. Charles Avenue Home,double gallery

     You will see such a variety of homes n St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. It is like a walk in history as you travel down St. Charles from Canal Street to Carrolton Avenue. Take a look at the variety of homes. How many towns in the United States can say they have such an historic street where you can rdie the streetcar and walk….

St Charles Avenue Home...

5718 St. Charles Ave. Home,The Victorian

5726 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans Home

Corner Home on St. Charles Avenue St. Charles Avenue home 5-24-15

Streetcar moving on St. Charles


Crescent Title on Maple Street now Calls This Home…

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Crescent Tittle, Maple Street Nights

 ….Crescent Title now calls this “home” on Maple Street in New Orleans.  I know they have been there for about a year.  It’s a great place to call home for one of the busiest and best  title companies in New Orleans.  It was a real estate office before becoming a title company and getting a total update in 2013.

….People in historic neighborhoods do recycle homes as good as anyone in the United States. I have no idea of what was here many years ago.

Crescent Title on Maple Street 1


Love the Porches in the Uptown Neighborhoods of New Orleans

Friday, October 31st, 2014

General Pershing Porch and Shade

    Always a refreshing view.  The variety of styles, colors, and designs are never-ending.  You have to remember that all these homes were built before a/c in a sub tropical climate that New Orleans enjoys.  Porches are for shade and protection of the elements. Rain an Sun.  

    Porches put a “smile” on these historic homes.  People do like to spend time outside and with not much hint of Fall as we enter November you can easily see why.  You get to see a lot of details when you walk these area as I did this past Sunday.

Uptown New Orleans Home, Gallery and More

Shady Porch on Gen Pershing, a New Orleans Home

Monsters on St. Charles Ave...

St. Charles Ave. Homes, Always Interesting and plenty of details…

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

St. Charles Avenue Victorian, details


Walking down Charles Avenue in New Orleans is always a great walk with plenty of details and a good time to exercise.  Just check out the details on these three homes.  The windows, the porches, the arches, the columns and the colors.  Just so much detail for the camera….

St. Charles Ave. Home, New Paint Job

St. Charles Ave. Home., Porches and Fences

Elegant and Colorful Historic Homes on St. Charles Ave. in New Orleans

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

St. Charles Ave. Home and Tree, Mardi Decor


Such a variety of homes.  Different styles and colors abound on the Avenue.  Hard to believe that there are hundreds of elegant homes that are well kept over time.

St. Charles Ave Home, Victorian Feel

St. Charles Ave. Homein New Orleans , Mardi Gras

The Craftsman Style, New Orleans Style Double and The Feather Brackets are All “NOLA Unique”

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Craftsman Style home in New Orleans

     This beautiful Craftsman Style home with New Orelans Shutters and Windows is “Unique”. Not a combination that you often see in New Orleans Homes. The barckets below that look like a work of art…I just named them NOLA Feather Brackets.  Found them in the Garden District.  The large side hall Uptown double is also unique with a large yard and painted bright and colorful. Generally the idea with doubles was to preserve space. These are my favorites of the week.

Feather Brackets in New Orleans Garden District

Colorful New Orleans Uptown Double

New Orleans Streetcars are more popular than ever….You ride to your enjoyment…

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Streetcar on Tracks on St. Charles Ave.


The best $1.25 spent in New Orleans could be the streetcar ride.  Why drive when the streetcar can take and you can leave your car at home.  Tourist and locals use them daily.  It just seems so natural they roll down the nuetral  ground on St. Charles as it makes it way from Canal Street to Carrolton Avenue as it makes the turn to Claiborne Ave. These are the green cars that run on this line…

streetcar 968 on St. Charles

Streetcar on St. Charles Loading

As you come to the end of St. Charles New Orleans, The Home Styles Change

Monday, August 12th, 2013

St. Charles Ave, Yellow and Green Cottage...


As you move down St. Charles Ave towards Carrollton Ave. you are actually moving along a time line of newer and newer homes.  This area was not always part of New Orleans and was developed at a later date than the homes on the Avenue closer to town.  Its the 1890’s to the 1910’s.  The variety is even greater as you begin to have more Victorian Homes, Country Cottages and much more.

The Carrollton Area wa annexed to New Orleans in 1874 but maintained its own identity for much longer with its own shopping areas with a more country feel.  The common thread was the streetcar line that runs along Carrollton Ave. after turning off St. Charles.

Pink Victorian on St. Charles Ave, New Orleans

Lavender Mansion on St. Charles Ave, New Orleans

Porches and Trees, Keep you cooler in New Orleans Summers

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Uptown New Orleans Homes, Large tree
Home among the trees in New Orleans

Could not imagine living in New Orleans with the Summer Heat without the trees or lovely porches that we have. The variety of porches in this town are second to none.  Maybe that is why people here tend to be out going as they are out more…Air Conditioning has changed lifestyles but these porches are like the smile on a home…

Home on General Pershing, New Orleans, Under the Tree...