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Just in time for the Easter Bunny…….A burst of color….

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

     Just in time for Easter these amaryllis burst into bloom a couple of weeks ago.  They recovered from their Winter sleep for the Spring Show.  Really a carefree plant for South Louisiana that gives you more and more each year as the bulbs divide and grow. Great for shade and sun.

River Shack on River Road in Old Jefferson….

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

River Shack in Old Jefferson

    One of those local hang outs that you will rarely find elsewhere.  Its on River Road across from the Mississippi River Levee.   3449 River Road in Old Jefferson.

   “Enter the Rivershack’s edible dimension, which won’t be outdone by back-to-back Journey songs or the bar’s extraordinary collection of tacky ashtrays. Although the rumor mill favors the ‘Shack’s “boigers” (medium-thick, juicy specimens), deftly fried shrimp po-boys rocked the picnic table outside where friends and I passed a Friday evening. Buffalo shrimp “shack-a-tizers” outdid them both. Although the only cook clanged his tip pail in my face when I ordered more, he tossed the perfectly-crusted devils in mustardy barbecue sauce and speared the top few with cocktail toothpicks.”

Harahan Oaks Subdivision in Harahan, #4 Wilcox on dead end street.

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

4 Wilcox, Harahan Oaks

      Harahan Oaks subdivision in , Louisiana  was the first and only gated subdivision in Harahan.  Homes were began in 1975 and featured whatever style the owner and developer wanted.  Today the homes range in price from $250,ooo to $400,000.  Each owner or spec. home was built by a different  builder and no two houses are the same.   Almost all are brick and built on cement slabs.

    Today Harahan Oaks a rather mature community with few homes coming up for sale.  Harahan is a city of under 10,000 along the Mississippi River going upriver from New Orleans.  It started as a railroad fueling station many years ago when farms lined the Mississippi River.

Homes in Metairie, many are 40-50 years old! Lots of remodeling has been done! It starts in the kitchen!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Metairie Homes, Gourmet Kitchens 

    The homes in Metairie have stood the test of time fairly well.  The area is still great and that’s why remodeling is still what people do in the older suburbs of New Orleans.  Metairie is one of the first and still has a lot of great homes, great schools and lots of great people.

     The place to start remodeling is in the kitchen.  This is where you get your biggest return and where people like to see the updates.  It is also one of the more expensive areas to remodel. Pay attention to appliances, floors, cabinets, counters, plumbing fixtures and natural light.  People eat out a lot here but also enjoy a great place to cook and gather.  It’s South Louisiana !

Metairie Homes, gas cooking is the preferred method

Looks like a Plantation! Its a large Home in Chateau Estates in Kenner!

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Chateau Estates Homes, Kenner real estate

      It certainly looks like a plantation home.  The design was made to look like many of  the plantation homes in the deep south built prior to the Civil War between 1840 and 1860.  The Chateau Estates Country Club in Kenner has a variety of homes surrounding the golf course.  The early suburbs of New Orleans have a huge variety of styles, sizes and designs as they are all mostly custom built homes.  Very seldom did you see one builder dominate a subdivision.  This made for a diversity of styles and sizes in these Kenner Subdivisions.   These were the subdivisions of the 1970’s.

Louisiana Historic Homes, Trying to recapture the historic feel is an art!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Louisiana Historic Homes, The Historic Feel in New Orleans

     It is not uncommon in the New Orleans real estate market to see people duplicate the feel of Louisiana’s historic architecture.  This house captures the feel of the early Creole Plantation homes that lined the Mississippi River before becoming part of America.  The wrap around porches, the large windows, the columns and doors, the shutters, the elevated living areas are taken from the early plantations.  This home just happens to be in suburben Kenner outside the city of New Orleans.   Having a taste of the old and new is great !  

Acadian Style Homes, Choice of the 1990’s in New Orleans Area.

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Acadian Style Homes, New Orleans Real Estate

      The Acadian style home became very popular in the early 1990’s.  New Orleans has always like porches and some color.  The Acadians in the area are mainly two stories with a master down and other bedrooms up.  The steep roof. large front windows, and dormers are the common characteristics of the modern Acadian.  

Brick Ranch Style Home, Choice of the 60’s,70’s and 80’s. Larger and less maintenance !

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

24 Edgewood 1 Destrehan Real Estate

       The ranch style home of the 1960’s followed the raised cottage.  The brick ranch was the number one style of home for 30 plus years starting in the 1960’s.  The brick exterior is great for our hot and rainy weather which means very little or no exterior maintenance.  The concete slab was much cheaper than the raised homes.  These were also much larger than the cottages.  It will be a while but they too will be historic one day.

Old Jefferson Homes, Built in the early 1950’s these cottages are now great buys! Old fashioned neighborhoods!

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Old Jefferson real estate, Old Jefferson homes

         Old Jefferson is home to small homes and cottages dating from the early 1950’s .  These homes feature wood floors, plenty of windows, decent size yards and garages.   Many have been updated in the last 10 years. Easy commute to New Orleans CBD and the Uptown area. You can find the homes in the 140k-170k range that  have been updated.  The neighborhoods are very safe with easy access to all areas of East Jefferson and New Orleans.