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Eating through New Orleans, Herbsaint on Saint Charles Ave on a recent weekday night !

Eating in New Orleans Herbsaint Bar and Restaurant on St. Charles Ave.

      New Orleans loves to eat out and the variety is great for a smaller city.  We went to a Hornets game last week and even I was surprised how many people were eating out at 9 pm.  People just start later to enjoy themselves than many many places.  You cannot always eat on the sidewalk but in October the weather has been very agreeable and without much rain.    

      This is at Herbsaint Restaurant and Bar at 701 St. Charles Ave. where you can watch the streetcar roll by and enjoy your conversation on the sidewalk.  Have you ever thought about trying one new place a week where you have not been.   That would take a while.  What happens is that most folks find places they like and return rather than taking the chance on a new one.  But you can at least brake the mold and try a few new ones on a regular basis.


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