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Bemis Bag Company, From Bags to Condos on Julia Street…..

      The Bemis Bag Company moved to New Orleans in 1891 to set up shop making bags of all kinds.  Being a port city it was big business for a port city.  These were all cloth bags for shipping bulk cargo.  I doubt that this was the origional building but it could be next door.  I am guessing this is much younger than the origional building.  The building is now home to Julia Place Condos at 333 Julia in the New Orleans Warehouse District.

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  1. David Schorr 

    My father was a foreman at Bemis Bros. Bag and I worked there periodically in the summers during the early 1960s; at ~$1.00 / hr as a day worker. This, while attending LSU BTR. The original address was 330 Notre Dame St on the opposite side from the current Julia St. address.
    It was a large, sturdy interesting building even back then with huge wooden vertical floor supports. If they are still intact and refinished, the interior must be very nice.

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