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Bywater Doubles in New Orleans,so colorful and what a neighborhood turnaround…..

Bywater Home Double, Love the doors and windows

   Did You Know……      The Bywater is also home to the site at which Homer Plessy was removed from an East Louisiana Railroad car for violating the separate car act, an event that resulted in the Plessy v. Ferguson case and the legal doctrine of “separate but equal.” Today, a historical marker stands at the intersection of Press Street and Royal Street to commemorate the even

Bywater Blue Home in New Orleans


        The area now known as Bywater was mostly plantation land in the Colonial era, with significant residential development beginning the first decade of the 19th century as part of what was known as “Faubourg Washington”, part of the predominantly Francophone “Downtown” section of New Orleans. Many people from France, Spain and the French Caribbean settled here.

      During the century, it grew with both White Creoles of French and Spanish descent, as well as mixed race Creoles of French, Spanish, African and Native American descent. They were also joined by immigrants from Germany, Italy and Ireland.

Bywater Double Home with matching steps


Locals usually designate less complex boundaries: the Mississippi River to St. Claude Avenue, and the railroad tracks along Press Street to the Industrial Canal. One thing that really strikes you about the neighborhood is today is all the color that you see.  You see more people riding bikes than in any part of New Orleans.  In the 1960’s these homes were all white with dark green colors.  Families lived in the area for generations until the 1970’s when there was a mass exodus from the neighborhood.  Somehow it sprang back to life….Just unbelivable if you have a long memory….Check it out….

Bywater homes and Color



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