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Wrought Iron Gates and Fences in New Orleans, A Taste of Wealth……”Worked Iron”

Saenger Theather Face

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Wrought Iron means Worked Iron….The Iron was very mallable and easy to work with to create designs.  This was a show of wealth that made its way from Europe to New Orleans where today it remains an art form.  The first picture is from the newly remodeled Sanger Theather and rest are from the Garden District of New Olreans.

“From the 16th century on, ironwork became sophisticated and high decorative, throughout the elaborate cathedrals of Spain to balconies, patios and gateways of France. The boom of ironwork in the 18th century led to beautiful railings and gates throughout London and eventually made its way to the United States, most prominently in the French inspired designs of New Orleans.”

Wrought Iron Fences and Gates in New Orleans

Garden District Homes and Fences

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