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New Orleans French Quarter, Govenor Nicholls Street, Let’s take a quick walk

Gov. Nicholls and Burgundy

French Quarter Homes

     Take a quick walk down Govenor Nicholls  in the French Quarter and you can see a rather quiet residential area with many historic homes.  Much unlike other areas of the Quarter. Lots of doubles and shotgun style homes as you walk from N. Rampart to Bourbon Street.

Frencis T. Nicholls

    The street was named after Francis T. Nicholls who was a Civil War Hero and General who became Govenor of Louisiana after reconstruction. He was the 28th Govenor and served tow terms, 1876-1880 and 1888-1892.  After being Govenor he was the chief justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Gov. Nicholls Twin Homes in French Quarter

Gov. Nicholls French Quarter Home,Blue

Gov. Nicholls French Quarter Home, Rockers

Gov. Nicholls 1015 French Quarter Home

Gov. Nicholls Double, French Quarter Home


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