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Louisiana Historic Homes, Trying to recapture the historic feel is an art!

Louisiana Historic Homes, The Historic Feel in New Orleans

     It is not uncommon in the New Orleans real estate market to see people duplicate the feel of Louisiana’s historic architecture.  This house captures the feel of the early Creole Plantation homes that lined the Mississippi River before becoming part of America.  The wrap around porches, the large windows, the columns and doors, the shutters, the elevated living areas are taken from the early plantations.  This home just happens to be in suburben Kenner outside the city of New Orleans.   Having a taste of the old and new is great !  

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  1. Hi Eric,

    I have yet to visit New Orleans. But, these photos give me a great vantage point. You are extremely talented. Your photos are exceptionally good. Love the photo blog concept!

  2. Eric 

    Larry, you can come down for NAR this year, its in New Orleans. I would like to go to another REBAR camp as well. Tahnsk for the comment. Coming from one of the internet pros it is apprecaited.

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