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Warehouse District in New Orleans, New Orleans Condos

      The Warehouse District in New Orleans is home to many condo complexes mixed in with art galleries, retail spaces, museums, hotels, restaurants, law firms, New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Hornets and machine shops.  Almost 100% of the residents of this area live in condos that all started with the Federal Fibre Mills being converted into condos after the Worlds Fair in 1984.  Many of these buildings were indeed warehouses and factories dating back to 1900.  The New Orleans Convention Center was the catalysis for the change along the Mississippi River.   

307 Cotton Mill Condos, New Orleans Warehouse District

        Before the Change– The Federal Fibre Mills Condos was once a rope factory.  The Cotton Mill Condos was once a cotton processing warehouse.  The Rotunda Condos on Julia Street was a grocery warehouse.  Magazine Place was a Swift meat packing facility.  Many of the present condos were rental units that were converted into condos starting in 2003-2004.  Once the condo conversion was underway developers had no problem selling condos in the area.

Federal Fibre Mills Courtyard, New Orelans Warehouse District

         Its a younger crowd….  The initial residents of the Warehouse Condos were primarily younger people who worked downtown or traveled a lot.  Over time the Warehouse District has become more of a cross section of second homes, older professionals without children and single people that do not want to keep up with a traditional home.  The LSU and Tulane Medical Schools are really close and many medical students and residents call the Warehouse District Home.  It is involving into a community with its own identity.

Warehouse District Condos New Orleans, townhomes

         Second Homers are here….  Many have ties to New Orleans and chose this area as it compares better than the condos in the French Quarter.  Parking is easier and you can still walk to everything.  Most of the condos are more modern and have some nice amenities like pools, gyms, security that people like.  Many of the second home people stay for several months at a time.  This is a most recent trend that seems to be developing.  Most like coming to New Orleans as it is so different that the rest of America.

760 Magazine Place Condos-Rooftop Views

          Warehouse Condos have some common characteristics….   The younger crowd and second home people like the large windows, exposed beams, exposed brick, high ceilings, wood floors, and the historic nature of the warehouse condos.  Some like it it to have a more upscale look and of course those condos are going to be more expensive.  They tend to have a more finished look.  The vast majority of the condos have been updated in the last ten years so it easy to find something nice.

Federal Fibre Mills Condos, Pool and courtyard

        Walking everywhere is a great feel…….The Warehouse District is very walkable.  You can walk to the Super Dome, New Orleans Arena, French Quarter, Harrah’s Casino, River Walk, Mississippi River, St. Charles Ave. Street Car and much more.  The area is still catching up with the amount of people that are actually living downtown so more conveniences are on the way.  You can easily walk to restaurants and night spots in the immediate area.  At the same time all the condos will have parking available in a lot or on the first floor of the condos.

Warehouse District Condos, Julia Street Art Galleries

 Warehouse District Condos in New Orleans, Brick and Wood Floors

     Attractions Galore………… There are a lot of family attractions that have come to the Warehouse District.  The World War II Museum has been tripled in size and now takes up three city blocks and has become a destination in itself.  The Aquarium of the Americas and the new Insectarium on Canal Street are very family oriented.  Both run by the Audubon Institute. 

Victory Belles, World War II Museum, New Orleans Warehouse District

      There is the River Walk that runs along the Mississippi River ending with the Spanish Plaza.  It is full of retail shops and offers great views of the Mississippi River.  The Italian Plaza at the end of Commerce is a hidden fountain that many will miss.  The Fulton  Street complex that leads to Harrah’s is growing with restaurants and clubs.  The Art Gallery’s along Julia Street and the Childern’s Museum are often forgotten.

      The New Orleans Convention Center on the Mississippi River is in the Warehouse District which brings an ample supply of tourist and locals to the area.  One of the nations largest and most successful Convention centers.  One of the reason is that everything is within walking distance or a short streetcar ride.  The French Quarter, Garden District and Uptown New Orleans are very close.

Convention Center Blvd. in the New Orleans Warehouse District

      The Super Dome home to the Saints and the New Orleans Arena home to the Hornets are within walking distance.  The new sports complex being built by Tom Benson for the Saints is under construction and is a multi-year project.  Home of the 2009 Super Bowl Champions.  Champions Square is under construction for the 2010 and 2011 season.

Champions at the Superdome


Champions 2010, Louisiana Superdome

New Orleans Warehouse District, New Orleans Arena home to the NBA Hornets

     St. Charles Ave. is the main parade route for most of the Mardi Gras parades.  The St. Charles Ave. Street Car is an easy walk from all areas and a great ride to Uptown New Orleans.

     The New Orleans Warehouse District is very pet friendly……… People take care of their pets and treat them well.  You will see many people walking thier dogs when the get home from work.  All the condos are very dog friendly and you rarely ever see any dog poo laying around. Be a little graphic here !

     There is Night Life that come alive when the suns leaves…………..

New Orleans Homes and Condos, Warehouse Nights

      Parks and exercise……………….

Lafayette Square Concert Series 

       Eating well is in the cards……………New Orleans loves to eat.


        The Warehouse District is an Historic District …….. Pictured below is part of the World’s Fair Wonder Wall which really gave this neighborhood another chance in 1984.

World's Fair in New Orleans 1984 

     Superdome Statue of Vietnam Vets

   The  Downtown Development District……….This was created for the promotion and the improvement of the area that is the downtown area of New Orleans outside of the French Quarter.

    Lafayette Square pictured below and a variety of small parks can be found through out the Warehouse District which adds to the urban living experience of downtown New Orleans.

Warehouse District Parks

         The Medical Complexes will be a future Boast to the area………This Warehouse district is the closest place to live to the LSU Medical School and Tulane Medical School along with the research facilities that they will bring to the New Orleans area.

Spanish Plaza Fountain

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