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Walking the New Orleans Neighborhood Around 3915 St. Charles Ave., The Saint Charles Gardens Condos…

Monday, September 28th, 2015

St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans 

3915 St. Charles Ave, The Entrance, New Orleans Condos

3915 St. Charles Ave. St. Charles Gardens

    New Orleans has some great neighborhoods.  This is one of them along St. Charles Avenue.  Its a great area to walk and see all the historic homes and watch the streetcars pass you buy. This is a great neighborhood too walk. Let me share the photos of block before the condo which take up the entire block. So lets take a look…. 

3915 St. Charles Ave. Streetcar line

Streetcar moving on St. Charles

St. Charles Ave. Milan

St. Charles Ave. Columns Hotel

3823 St. Charles Ave. Condos

St. Charles Ave Homes 3

St. Charles Ave. Home, New Orleans 3

St. Charles Ave. Home 2