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The Cornstock Fence in the New Orleans Garden District….Just a Rare and Beautiful Piece of History….

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Cornstock Fence and Bows

Decorated for Christmas is the cornstock fence on Prytania Street and Fourth Street in New Orleans Garden District.  It looks a lot like the fence at the Cornstock Hotel in the French Quarter.  The good reason is that the same company made the fence for both.  This house was built in 1859.  The home and grounds are beautifully restored and are in tio top shape.

“One of the most unique features of this home is not the house itself but the fence.  It is a cast iron fence with a design of intertwined morning glories growing with the corn stalks. The fence was erected by Wood & Mitenberger, the New Orleans branch of the Philadelphia foundry of Wood and Perot.  Wood and Perot also cast the corn fence located in the French Quarter.”


New Orleans Home with Cornstock Fence...

Cornstock Home in Garden District, Front Door

Cornstock Fence in New Orleans Garden District