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Balcony or Gallery…Is there a difference?

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

French Balcony Views on St. Ann

      What is the difference in a balcony and a gallery.  They are both desired, they both  love plants hanging, its a view, its a place to sit and watch, and its a place to be watched.  The galleries is what I have pictured here on this page.  They have support that is on the street level.  See the supporting poles.  Balconies are free standing and do have that tyep of support.  That allows galleries to be more functional and be wider because of the support.  You can have a double gallery and it becomes more like a porch if you are on the lowe galleries……

French Quarter Condos

Hanging Angels in French Quarter

Bourbon Street Corner in New Orleans

Balconies on Esplanade in the French Quarter of New Orleans….

Saturday, April 16th, 2011


       Great colors from this historic home on the corner of Esplanade in the French Quarter.  The balconies and ferns combine to give this clorful building the New Orleans feel.  Add in dark green shutters, wrought iron balconies and large windows that you open and step out and enjoy a Spring morning in the Quarter. I would believe they have a sprinkler system for all these plants.