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French Quarter Condos, Hidden Tropical Courtyars on Royal Street

Saturday, October 19th, 2013


837 Royal Street Condo Entrance, French Quarter Condos

      You just never know what is behind each wall and gate in the French Quarter.  This condo association is located at 837 Royal in the heart of the Quarter. Its like a country getaway once you walk inot the enclosed courtyard located behind the historic Creole Townhome that dates back to 1840.  It is so close to everything and that is what makes it unique…

837 Royal Street Condo, Courtyard Sitting, French Quarter Condos


837 Royal Street L,Courtyard and Pool. French Quarter Condos

837 Royal Street L, Courtyard and Mini Pool


Today’s French Quarter Balcony, Barker House Condos on Chartres Street.

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

          People love balconies in New Orleans and they love them even better when they have choice locations such as the balcony above.  It’s at 1027 Chartres Street in the French Quarter in the heart of the area.  Several blocks from Esplanade and several blocks to Jackson Square.  Having a balcony let you see and be close enough to what is going on but be above it all.  Its always hard to place a value on a balcony but lets just stay its very sought after to find the right one.  This could be one of those locations……

Where are the pirates on Pirates Alley in the French Quarter?

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

New Orleans French Quarter, Pirates Alley

     Actually there may never have been Pirates here but it makes for a great story.  The street is only a block long and runs from Chartesto Royal Street.  Its a must walk for all.  It was known as Orleans Alley until the 1960’s  when the name was canged.  William Faulkner did live in the yellow house when he wrote his first novel.  Thousand of yarns have not doubt been told on this street Today and Yesterday.

New Orleans Condo on Esplanade Ave, The big room feel of Elegance is present…

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

1020 Esplanade Condos, living area, French Quarter condo

     Many times we tend to think of condos as small places and they usually are.  This condo in the New Orleans French Quarter located at 1020 Esplanade#103 is unusual in that  has that big room feel with the high ceilings and a large living area.  Combined with the historical feel you can feel the space open up.  The living area is exceptional in that it has that big feel while leaving many of the historical elements.  This was once a ballroom for the Italian Hall built around 1900.

Hidden Courtyards in New Orleans, Always a treat so had to share !

Monday, November 15th, 2010

1020 Esplanade Condos, Hidden tropical pools

       The French Quarter condos at 1020 Esplanade Avenue features an amazing courtyard and pool behind the old brick walls.  Its like a tropical garden with its brick walkways, swimming pool and fountain.  Walking by the front of the building you would never know what is behind the gates.  This courtyard is for only 24 units which makes it even more amazing.  New Orleans is a city of quiet courtyards and surprises.  Its just another story you may never know….

1020 Esplanade Condos, Tropical Courtyard

New Orleans French Quarter is not all tourist! There are residents living here as well!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

French Quarter Residental Area, Homes in the French Quarter

     Many think the French Quarter is just full of tourist and bars but there is much more to expore and view.  This is a mistake not to vist these areas.  As you get closer to Esplanade Avenue the Quarter becomes much more residential with home and condos.  As you move towards North Rampart you also see this trend.  Many, many people do not venture far enough to get a different view.   Thus I will give you a few !  You can even find a place to park!!

Ferns and French Quarter Balconies, Semi-Tropical Weather makes it all possible.

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

New Orleans French Quarter Balconies,New Orleans Condos

        The balconies in the New Orleans French Quarter that adorn the historic buildings are also a showcase for those with a green thumb.  A balcony is a porch to the world to show their skills.  This is made possible by plenty of moisture through our humidity and frequent showers.  Freezes are rare occurrences and the sunshine is plentiful.  The growing season is long with the best weather being October to May.  The Mississippi Delta soil is rich in organic materials.  The only rocks that we have are imported from other states and countries.

French Quarter Roof Top Views, Where are the skycrapers?

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

French Quarter Roof Top Views

       Views from a French Quarter condo that I had listed a couple of years ago.  No tall buildings allowed in this historic district so you can get great views form this fourth floor unit.  The only down fall was the stairs to get up to the penthouse unit.  Great 1880 views once you opened the windows.

French Quarter Balconies are in demand! Balconies have not gone out of style in 200 years!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

French Quarter Balconies in New Orleans

       Having a balcony in the French Quarter is a demand feature in the homes and condos.  Its your eyes and ears onto the daily activities.   Its basically some people’s front yard and away to show off their seasonal decorations or green thumb.  Its a art form that only exists in New Orleans !