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French Quarter Corners in New Orleans, Always a Historic Look…

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Chartres Street Corner     French Quarter Corners are all unique and all have the historic look that makes New Orleans so Historic.  Here are a couple of corners from a recent walk.  You have Chartres, Royal and Bourbon Street represented here. Just not very many corners of more than 3 stories. Think what is around the corner on your next visit.

French Quarter Corner 2

Chartres Street Corner, French Quarter

Bourbon Street and Gov. Nicholls

Sidewalks, Steps, Shutters and Doors meet the Streets in one of America’s Oldest Neighborhoods…

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

FQ Hanging Baskets on Barracks Street

French Quarter Homes, Brackets and Sidewalk gardens


New Orleans has many historic homes and truly unique homes.  These are a few of the more colorful ones in the Frrench Quarter that just open to the street.  Check out the Brackets and see how they add color.  Check out the shutters and steps that are unqiue.  Many of the present owners plant hanging baskets of colorful plants and use the small spaces for some beautiful plants.  This is their way of making the area so much more livable.  NOLA living is different…..

French Quarter sidewalks




French Quarter Streets in New Orleans, Some Quiet Time

Friday, August 17th, 2012

      New Orleans French Quarter Streets can be much quieter than many people would think.  The residentail areas tend to be much quieter and very historic and beautiful.  It ain’t all Bourbon Street. I always like to get these street shots when it is quiet.  Everyone one going on a walking tour. Locals and Tourists as well. So much history in each block. 


French Quarter Balconies always make a good photo….New Orleans, October of 2011

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

      October is a great weather month in New Orleans.  The plants love it as you can see.  The decorators love it as you can see.   The flags love it as you can see.  So does my camera even though it has hundreds of balconies they still remain an inviting shot.  Its like a person front yard so its an extension of the home…..Great plaace to just sit and watch on an October or November day.

French Quarter Home features a lot of details and fine workmanship!

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

fq showing workmanship

     Its the details that make many of these old historic homes in New Orleans stand out.  No one here is afraid to paint the details, its much like putting on your makeup every day before facing the world.  The French Quarter home is loaded with details of the day.  There was no front yard to show off so why not put a happy and colorful face on the front !  Most of the homes had small courtyards in the back of house.