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Jackson Square in New Orleans, Always another angle for a good photo

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

      Jackson Square in New Orleans is always a great place to take photos over and over again.  You will always get a different look depending on the light and the walk you take.  The statue of Andrew Jackson get photographed thousands of times a week.  Wonder how many photograph this angle.   

      At one time the square was known as Place d’armes.  In 1815 after the Battle of New Orleans the name was changed to Jackson Square.  It was not until 1856 that the equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson our 7th President was erected.  The sculpture was named Clark Mills and his name can been seen on the base of the statue. The other side of this photo.

     In 1960 Jackson Square became a National Historic Land Mark….Rightfully so.  Clark did 4 identical statues and that can be another story.

French Quarter Building? I forgot where it was?

Sunday, November 13th, 2011


       Sometimes you just forget what you were taking a picture of.  Its like a blank.  I know its in the French Quarter nearer Esplanade.  I see no one on the street.  Building has some great features but do not know what it is….


French Quarter Sun Rise, It’s too early to see anyone!

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

French Quarter Sunrise

    Its a early morning in the New Orleans French Quarter.  The sun was coming up at 6:08 this day last week.  Very peaceful scene and actually a lot cooler thant it would be later in the day.  This is around Jackson Square where in several hours you will have a bustle of business and many more people.