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Its named the Garden District of New Orleans for a reason…..The Lush Gardens…

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

     Almost Hidden from views at times it is easy to see why this neighborhood in New Orleans is so lush and green for an urban setting.  The New Orleans Garden District is a must see for locals as well as tourists…. The area developed between 1832 and 1900.  The area is quite small in nature but grand in Historic Homes of New Orleans….  

      “Originally the area was developed with only a couple of houses per block, each surrounded by a large garden, giving the district its name. In the late 19th century some of these large lots were subdivided as Uptown New Orleans became more urban. This has produced a pattern for much of the neighborhood of any given block having a couple of early 19th century mansions surrounded by “gingerbread” decorated late Victorian houses. Thus the “Garden District” is now known for its architecture more than gardens per se.” as per wickipedia

Garden District Homes, Focus on the Porches Today….

Friday, May 25th, 2012

        Historic Homes in the New Orleans Garden District have some of the best porches in the world.  From small simple porche to large elegant ones , they are all a showcase of how people lived before air conditioning and electricity.  The porch was a place to visit on,  a place to keep the sun and rain off, and above all a place to enjoy your neighborhood.  People used them daily and nightly.  Glad they are still all here.


Garden District Porches all in a line, Great Gardens and historic New Orleans Homes

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011


       Discover the Garden District in New Orleans, its one of the most walkable and eye appealing of all of  the neighborhoods in New Orleans.  The historic homes so well kept and the gardens that love the humid New Orleans weather.  Best thing about it is that you can walk and look for free.  New Orleans is great for free things and this is one that all can enjoy…..

Touch of Victorian gives this Historic New Orleans Home a whole new look !!

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

New Orleans Homes, Historic Victorian Features

     Afternoon sun hits this Garden District home.  Its all about the details and the workmanship that went into these homes well before the era of power tools and Home Depot.  The man hours had to be great along with the pride in working with ones hands to make homes we marvel at over 100-120 years later.  Serious builders in those days.

Garden District Home, Its the small elements that make these historic homes all the more elegant..

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Historic Elements Galore on the Garden District home in New Orleans

      This Garden District home was photographed earlier in the Spring of 2010.  Its all the small details that make these old homes so elegant and even the more intriguing in the age of instant construction. How long did it take to build this home in its day ?  How many man hours and how much creative work when into the planning.  Just focus on the iron work to get an idea of the time and effort it took to build these homes before power saws and such.

Garden District Home, New Orleans

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Victorian Uptown Historic Home

     This house has always caught my attention when I walk the Garden District.  It has got to be the colors that attract my attention and the detailed paint job.  It must have cost $25,000 plus to paint a house in such detail. I found this in a history of historic homes and it was painted all white in 1992. Just sharing !!

Garden District Homes in New Orleans, A piece of History!

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

New Orleans Garden District Home, Wrought Iron Galore      

      If you enjoy history and old homes you will enjoy the New Orleans Garden District.  These homes could not be duplicated in a public setting again.  The charm and views are free.  Its a great morning or afternoon walk to see homes of all ages and styles.  The best photos are best taken in the morning,  late afternoon or even at night.  The amount of wrought iron and the condition of the historic New Orleans home is amazing

New Orleans Horses, They are mostly cast Iron these days!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

New Orleans Horses    

       Hats off to Beverly Sellers, a buyer of mind for taking this fine photo last week in the New Orleans Garden District.  I handed her the camera and told her to shoot the horse.  She did a great job from the front seat of the car.  I did not sell her a condo that day but we did have fun looking.  When you drive you often have your passenger take the shots.  I can only assume these were for tying up horses but have my doubts for some reason.  Let me know?

Garden District Homes provide some great photos!

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Garden District Homes, New Orleans Real Estate 

     New Orleans  Garden District homes can give you plenty of chances to focus in on the details of the various elements in a historic home.  The iron fence was especially intriguing in this home.  The detail makes it a work of art.  Then it gets tough to focus on one thing when the flowers are blooming with a lot of details in the background.  Here is a story about this Cornstalk Fence.  Iowa??

     “According to history, some say legend, in the late 1850’s a gentleman from Kentucky, Colonel Robert Henry Short had a problem. His wife was homesick for Iowa. In order to mitigate the problem, Colonel Short had a fence shaped like a row of cornstalks made in the New Orleans branch of the Philadelphia Foundry. No one is sure if it worked or not, but the fence still stands today around Colonel Shorts Villa at 1448 Fourth Street in the Garden District”

New Orleans Garden District Home, The Italiante Style 1860-1885

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Uptown New Orleans Hisotric Homes, Italianate Style

     In the late 1850’s the Greek Revival began to take a more ornate character.  The Italianate style with a more ornate style came from northern Italy and started in the 1860’s.  You can see that the porches, full length windows, shutters and iron work were all characteristics of this styles.  It looks like styles of homes in New Orleans tended to last 25-30 years or about a generation.  Then the kids wanted something different or they brought new ideas and added them in to give a new look.  The variety of styles and sizes are always amazing in New Orleans Architecture.