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My walk through the New Orleans Garden District this weekend….Some Beautiful Large Historic Homes

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Big Garden District Home in New Orleans

Garden District Yard

Garden District Mansion

    This weekend’s walk was about 530 pm on a Saturday afternoon. I had just been to see a client in the French Quarter where it was extremely crowded. I decide to park and get out and walk while there was still some nice light for photographs.  I ran into several tour groups but that was about it.

     These are all the very large homes that caught my eye. Its easy to see why this area of New Orleans is called the Garden District. I had been in the one pictured above and it is like 3 homes totaling over 8000 sq. ft. of living on a very large lot. At the time it was a second home for an out of state couple. Hard to believe but true….

Garden District Home, Wrought Iron Roofline details

New Orleans Garden District Home in Shade

Prytania Street Home in New Orleans,Curved Porch

Garden District, New Orleans  Home 5-9-15

Historic Garden District Homes on Seventh Street in New Orleans, Walk to Enjoy Them…

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

      The Garden District of New Orleans is a great place to make your own walking tour.  Each week realtors visit new listing that come on the market. This week there were two on 7th Street in the Garden District.  It took a two block walk to capture some most beautifully restored homes on Seventh Street.  Each one is totally different but each stands out in style.

   You have many homes that are stunning in the market but few blocks have this many.  The weather was great and its good exercise to view the neighborhood. I five this walk an A Plus….. 


Under the Old Oak Trees in New Orleans..Its Homes bathed in Shade

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

     Its hard to think what these homes would look like without the tree cover of the large live oaks that cover these residential neighborhoods of New Orleans.  It makes for some interesting photos.  It makes the long hot Summer months so much more pleasant.  It just adds to the color of the neighborhood.  The Garden District and Uptown New Orleans is glad to get all the shade… 

Sidewalks and Fences, New Orleans has a variety..Especially Greeen ones…..

Sunday, May 27th, 2012


       Sidewalks and fences often go unnoticed but not so in the Garden District of New Orleans.  The brick walkways really do blend in well with the wrought fences and all the greenery and flowers.  Its just a matter of looking out for them.  Many time you do not think about it until you down load the photos.  One great thing about doing real estate in New Orleans is what you can see with an hour of free time.  Now I can share that with you.

Historic Renovation on Magazine Street in the Garden District! The porch stands out!

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

New Orleans Homes and Porches, Magazine Street

     This house was a dump several years ago before under going a complete renovation.   The renovator had developed 5 upscale condos next door and then began work on his residence.  The details are truly amazing.  New Orleans is lucky to have a lot of people who are willing to do this.  The immediate block is a complete turn around form 10 years ago.  Katrina held the area back but people are still putting money and sweat into these projects.