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Greek Italianate Home in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans…

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

     Lower Garden District home with plenty of details that was converted into condos from apartments.  The 1703 Coliseum shows a lot of details and has been freshly painted recently.  Really shows off the details of the Greek Italianate style dating to the 1855-1890 era when this style was popular.  Its across the street from Coliseum Square.  Almost every home in this area is historic and many have under gone renovation recently.

Historic details of the door, Historic New Orleans Homes…

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

New Orleans Homes, Historic details of the door

      You will have to look closely to catch many of these small details that can be found in many New Orleans histooric homes.  You have to walk and then focus on some of the smaller features.  This had to done over 150 years ago.  She must be keeping an eye on who comes and goes.

How old is this home in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans?

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Lower Garden District Home, How old is this house!

    I really do not know the answer unless I look it up somewhere.  However you can make an educated guess as to the age of the New Orleans neighborhood and as to the style of the home.  This Historic side hall with double gallery puts it well before 1900 and after 1850.  I would have to start the guess at 1870.  I would then try to compare it to other homes that look like this and have the dates established.  I know by looking at this one that is has been restored to its origional splender…………..You Guess?