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Mardi Gras Day 2016, Colorful Rex Parade Heads…

Friday, February 12th, 2016

Rex Jester Float

    The Rex Parade rolls on Mardi Gras day in New Orleans.  Been watching it at the same place now for 30 years on Napoleon Avenue in Uptown New Orleans. The floats have grown larger and more colorful over time. This year the weather was great so the photos came out great….

Rex Parade Float Cornhead

Rex Parade 2016 1

Rex Lady Statue

Rex Parade Float 4

Rex Parade Float Head

Rex Parade Float 3

Rex Parade Float 2

Rex Parade Biting Ball

Rex Butterfly King

Christ Church Cathedral on St. Charles Avenue, Gothic Design 1887

Monday, September 7th, 2015

St. Charles Ave. Church 1

    This English Gothic church completed in 1887 has steeply pitched gables, an architectural detail that was a precursor to the New Orleans Victorian style. The cathedral is the oldest non–Roman Catholic church in the Louisiana Purchase: the congregation was established in 1805. Jefferson Davis was among its parishioners, and the altar from his home is at the church, as is the grave of Confederate general Leonidas Polk. Visitors are welcome to walk into the main building when daily services are not in session.

     The Church is located at 2919 St. Charles Avenue on the corner of Seventh Street. One of many gems you can see on the St. Charles streetcar line.

Christ Cathedral on St. Charles

Church, St. Charles Ave

Christ Cathedral on St. Charles Spires

St. Charles Ave. Streetcar 926

Moss Street Along Bayou St. John in New Orleans,Walking the Mid City Neighborhood

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

     Walking along Bayou St. John on Moss Street really gives you a sense of history and the variety of homes in the area. Large ones,small ones, old ones and even older ones. You start off near City Park and walk til your legs give out, then come back on the other side as you return. 

Moss Street Plantation in Mid City New Orleans

Plantation Style Homes when the Bayou was young.

Bayou St. John Plantation

Craftsman Colorful home on Bayou St. John

A Colorful Craftsman Style home just stands out….

Blue and Yellow New Orleans Home

Historic Double on the Bayou with a Victorian Feel…

Across the Bayou,Homes

Looking across the Bayou at the small homes on the other side.

Colorful Homes on Constance Street. Irish Channel in New Orleans

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Constant Street Homes in New Orleans, Irish Channel

Constance Street Double in New Orleans


      The Irish Channel in New Orleans is a unique neighborhood.  These are pictures of some colorful homes with lots of details that I found in a two block area of Constance Street.  There were a lot to choose from.  This is but a few.  The area is staging a dramatic comeback as homes are being refurbished and updated.

       The Irish were thought to be “channeled” into this working class neighborhood as they were the new arrivals. The area saw the growth occur in the 1830’s as laborers were needed to dig canals for drainage.  The area became the largest Irish community in the South.  The area was known as Lafayette until it was annexed by the City in 1852.

Constance Street Cottage, A Three Bracket Home

Color on Constant Street in New Orleans

Behind the Wrought Iron Fence on Bayou Road ….” Benachi House”, New Orleans

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Mid City Home Behind the Fence in New Orleans

Mid City Home, Unusual Iron Gate


Located at 2257 Bayou Road you can find this hidden gem, its a block off Esplanade Avenue.  The house was built in 1859-1860 for the cost of $18,000.  Built on the Esplanade Ridge it has survived for over 150 years.  The wrought Iron fence is unique and is a work of art.  It is now used as an event destination.

“Benachi House & Gardens is an authentic, classic New Orleans setting for a party, wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception – from elegant to trendy, crawfish boil to seated dinner. Available for a venue charge, the house and gardens together will accommodate up to 150-175 guests, while a ceremony, reception or party for up to 60 may occur indoors. In the event of rain, the house and its galleries will comfortably contain a buffet and bar and up to about one hundred guests. Included in all rentals are the patios, gardens and outdoor spaces, as well as the parlors, dining room, hallways and kitchen.”


Benachi House Wrought Iron


Blue Plate Artist Lofts, Blue Plate Mayonnaise was Made Here.

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

       The Blue Plate factory and offices were built in 1941 and is very distinctive in the design.  The large windows and rounded corners are distinctive.  Located at 1315 S. Jefferson Davis it is now 72 mixed income apartments for artist. 

    The building was home to Reily Foods whose more noteworthly brands were Blue Plate, La Martinique Salad Dressings, CDM Coffee, Tiger Sauce and Luzianne Tea.  They had many other brands as well.  New Orleans per capita is way up on the consuption of mayonnaise and ice tea.  Whe I was in the grocery business these brands would always out sell the National Brands. 

Louisiana Supreme Court, New Orleans French Quarter

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

     The Louisiana Supreme Court Building located at 400 Royal Street was completed in 1910 and was used for the top court in Louisiana till 1958.  It was abandoned in 1958  and later renovated for 20 years. The Court returned in 2004 to call this building home again. It is one of the few examples of the ” Breaux Arts Style” in Louisiana.  Made of granite and marble.  Its quite an impressive building.  Few take the side door photos but thought this was an impressive back door.   

Canal Street to City Park, the red streetcar ride $1.25

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

      Have exact change and take time to ride the red street car from City Park to the Aquarium.  This is one of two lines that run down Canal Street that turns onto Carrolton then stops at the entrance to City Park.   Its a park and walk for an outing with the grandkids.  Just one of the many cheap things you can do in  New Orleans.     


Bemis Bag Company, From Bags to Condos on Julia Street…..

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

      The Bemis Bag Company moved to New Orleans in 1891 to set up shop making bags of all kinds.  Being a port city it was big business for a port city.  These were all cloth bags for shipping bulk cargo.  I doubt that this was the origional building but it could be next door.  I am guessing this is much younger than the origional building.  The building is now home to Julia Place Condos at 333 Julia in the New Orleans Warehouse District.

Fulton Street in New Orleans, Its a short street but is getting plenty of action…

Monday, June 20th, 2011


   Fulton Street in the New Orleans Warehouse District was once  just a collection of old warehouses before the World’s Fair in 1984.  Anchored by Harrah’s Casino Hotel on Poydras with places to eat and drink has become a pedestrian walkway.  It has become home to the New Orleans Seafood Fest in October and the “Miracle on Fulton Street”

    Now its becoming a place to visit in New Orleans as it in the center of the Convention Center business in New Orleans.   There is more to come…