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Baumer Foods, A New Orleans Success story. Its Crystal Hot Sauce sells over 3 million gallons per year.

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

    Every New Orleans person knows of Crystal Hot Sauce.  The have been in business since 1923 having been started by Alvin and Mildred Bowman.  Their son carries on the business today.  They had to move from the location below this sign after Katrina to Reserve, La.  They still make South Louisiana their home even as they ship thousands of cases of hot sauce world wide.  These companies deserve our thanks and admiration for almost 100 years of service.  Creating a world wide brand is not easy but its from the Big Easy….. The fig preserves were great….

Gallier House at 1132 Royal Street, Full of details…

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011


Gallier House Details in New Orleans French Quarter

         Lots of details in the Gallier House located on Royal Street in the New Orleans French Quarter.  Built in 1857 it has so many details you just have yto look at the photos to get a true picture.  Notice the monkey molding as you will rarely see that again in New Orleans.  Its a museum in itself.

Gallier House Mirror

Even “Jack the Mule” is off for Christmas….

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Mule in New Orleans on Vacation

      “Jack the Mule” is getting Christmas off and may even get an apple or two for the day.  Jack has his route memorized and can walk it blindfolded.  He works in the New Orleans French Quarter and seems to enjoy these days where you can enjoy the weather.

New Orleans Wakes Up…. Where are the tourist?

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Wake Up New Orleans

       The tourist and locals are sleeping in the early morning hours.  Maybe an early riser or two but not many.  Howver it is a great time to photograph the city as it comes alive….

Victory Belles at the World War II Museum in New Orleans ! Its another addition and major destination for New Orleans !

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Victory Belles, World War II Museum, New Orleans Warehouse District

        The Belles look great but their voices are even better.  The Victory Belles are at the World War II Museum in the New Orleans Warehouse District.  They put on a great show as well.  The Museum is now a world class facility in New Orleans.  You can keep up with what is going on by signing up for their news letter.  World War II Museum.  You may want to get involved after your visit…………….

     “The Museum is moving full speed ahead on our newest attraction, the United States Freedom Pavilion: Land, Sea & Air. This $35 million addition to the growing Museum campus will honor all of the service branches who served in the war and display the large artifacts that served our country on land, on sea and in the air, including a restored Boeing B-17 and immersive submarine experience representing the USS Tang.”

      “Opening in spring of 2012, the United States Freedom Pavilion was made possible by a generous donation from the Boeing Company and a Federal grant. During the war years, Boeing produced nearly 13,000 B-17s as part of the nation’s arsenal of democracy.”