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Daybreak in the New Orleans French Quarter, Its Pretty Quiet….

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

St. Louis Cathedral and Moon...


     Getting up early and out has its advantages when photographing New Orleans as it begins to wake up. Get out at 530 am and you can catch the moon over the St. Louis Cathedral before the sun comes up. Moonlight gives it that glow.

     Head over to Cafe Du Monde and you do not see any Crowds, Coffee or Beignets. Its closed up getting ready for the morning light.

      The gates to Jackson Square are closed and everything is nice and clean with a freshness in the air. The walk over to Pirates Alley before it gets crowded. Actually no one was around. Get it all done so you are ready for breakfast for 730 am.  Love the morning light….and lack of crowds….

Cafe Du Monde in early hours


Jackson Park Gates and Lights

Piarates Ally, Famous Person Lived Here