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Hanging Ferns, Balconies and Gallery’s make the New Orleans French Quarter a more livable and beautiful place to visit.

Monday, November 26th, 2012

     You can say many things that makes the New Orleans French Quarter different from other places.  One that is easy to spot is the colorful plants and ferns that people use to decorate these historic buildings.  It takes time and energy to create these living works for art.  Anyone could be a postcard….. 

French Quarter Homes and Scenes this week of July 2012…..

Sunday, July 29th, 2012



      Getting to try out my new camera this weekend in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  I am always amazed at the number of visitors we have in town each week during the steamy Summer days.  Great place to get some quiet spots and photos on even a busy day.   There is remodeling on almost every block in the Quarter as well.  Many of the Streets are going to be replaced in the upcoming year.   


Hanging Ferns in the New Orleans French Quater…In December even…

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

hanging Ferns in French Quarter

       The time and effort these businesses put into the landscaping in the New Orleans French Quarter always amazes me.  Its not as easy as one would think.  To grow like this they need food and water.  Tourist love it as it is found in few places that I know of.

French Quarter condos as second homes! The feature of courtyards and balconies!

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

French Quarter Condos, the courtyards

      The coolest asset of many of the condos in the New Orleans French Quarter is the courtyards behind the walls.  Its a tropical get a way but yet close to many reasons that people like to visit New Orleans.  Most of the condos in the New Orleans French Quarter are second homes but all do not have areas like this.  its always a plus to get something where you can just kick back and relax.

 French Quarter Condos-Common Areas

French Quarter Gardens, Corner of Chartres and Ursulines.

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

French Quarter Sunrise, French Quarter Parks

      This unique manicured  French Quarter garden is in the heart of the city’s fable French Quarter.   This garden dates back to the 1840’s which is next to the Beauregard-Keyes House.   This garden was unusual even then, for most homes in the French Quarter had gardens tucked away out of sight.  Pictured early in the morning as the sun was rising.  A great time to view the French Quarter.