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Favorites of The Week, Enjoying New Orleans Homes….Cottages and Doubles in Uptown…

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Muses Decorating, New Orleans Cottage

New Orleans Cottage Home with Victorian Porch...


New Orleans Homes and Cottages all look to be smiling this past week. We need more sun and nice weather or I will run out of photos.  Great exercise to walk the neighborhoods but when its below 40 degrees we will just have to wait. Stay in New Orleans 3-4 days and the weather will change at least 2 times…. Homes are decorated for Mardi Gras and that will be next….

Yellow New Orleans  Double in Afternoon Sun

New Orleans Homes, Three Little Cottages….Beautiful and Colorful. Lets Call Them Post Card Cottages

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Uptown New Orleans Cottage and tree.

Pink Cottage in New Orleans Homes


How cute are the three little cottages I am posting this week.  There is so much that people do to these small homes to make them come alive.  Its the details, the gates, the shutters, the doors, the porches, the fences, the plants, the hanging baskets, flags that just add to the beauty.  So much detail that you can see in a photo….These were all in Uptown New Orleans neighborhoods……

New Orleans Sidehall Cottage, Uptown