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New Orleans Homes in Mid City Near Bayou St. John

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

Mid City Neighborhood and Homes

New Orleans Homes in Mid City 5

     One of my favorite neighborhoods in all of New Orleans is in Mid City near City Park and Bayou St. John.  It’s a great neighborhood to walk and view pretty home and yards. Most of the houses are from 1920’s to 1930’s in these neighborhoods.


     You get to see some unique yards and plants that you will not see in other areas of New Orleans. Residents love plants and flowers with color. The people always seem to change them up over time. The large oak trees add to the neighborhood giving them a country feel. Many of the homes have nice size yards as you can see in these photos.


    The Craftsman style of homes is very common in the area. Love the porches and columns. It is also a very colorful area with the deep red bricks and bright red tile roofs.

New Oreans Home in Mid City 4

New Orleans Home in Mid City 2

New Orleans Home on Bayou St. John

Happy House Purple

Mid City Home and Flowers 6

Mid City Homes and Streets, Look what you can see in several blocks…On Desoto Street in New Orleans

Sunday, November 16th, 2014


Desoto Street Gate and Porch, New Orleans Home

Last Monday I took Bob Wilson from San Diego to Desoto Street in Mid City starting at Bayou St. John.  It’s an area that a lot of tourist will never see.  I wanted to show him the variety of homes that you can see in several blocks with a short walk.  It’s a great neighborhood with a lot of things going on.  People are working on their homes.  You see no for sale signs and plenty of color.

These are just a few of what we saw. Lots of details and colors on one street. The variety of sizes, ages and styles always make me think, how lucky we live in a town with so many historic homes that people appreciate.

Desoto Street Victorian, New Orleans Homes

Details in the shade, Mid City Homes

Bayou St.John Home, New Orleans Homes

New Orleans Favorite Homes of the Week…From Mid City to the Lower Garden District

Saturday, August 25th, 2012


        The variety of historic homes in the City of New Orleans is stunning.  With the rain season upoon us for the last couple of weeks everything is green and greener.  Love the spreading Oak tree in the Lower Garden District shadowing this home most likley built before the Cival War. Facing Coliseum Square minutes from downtown New Orleans. Like just 7-8 blocks.

        The Cottage in Mid City of New Orleans just has that clean and colorful look.  Its fresh, lush, and colorful after a couple of weeks of daily showers.


New Orleans Mid City Home Blooms and come to Life!

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

New Orleans Homes Bloom!

      A splash of color is just what New Orleans needed this Spring !  This Historic home in Mid City fits the bill for the garden of the week !  These splashes of color mean someone spent a lot of time planting and replanting after one of the colder Winters New Orleans has had in years.