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New Orleans Mansions, Different Styles and Era’s…All Special…

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Mansion in New Orleans by Audubon Park, New Orleans Homes

Spanish Style Home in Uptown New Orleans

New Orleans Homes, Uptown

    Mansions in New Orleans come in all different styles and types.  There are just a lot of different styles as the ages of these homes range from 1870’s to the 1920’s.  The all have a lot of detail and were built when custom homes were the only thing being built.  All have some great porches and windows which is a New Orleans staple when it comes to these large homes….

Mansions in New Orleans…More than one would think….

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

     New Orleans has a lot of what I would call large and beautiful Mansions spread out over the City.  New Orleans was once a very rich city or had a large percentage of very wealthy people starting in the 1840’s when the wealthy began building large home on lush lots in what is now the Garden District.  The homes had large gardens and were much like mini-plantations.  Before this period the French Quarter was where it was at.

    The weath came from the fact that New Orleans was a center of shipping for the United States as people moved westward towards California.  Being a major port city spawned this development after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.  Enjoy the photos and think of what life may have been like 150 years ago.


Homes and Mansions along Saint Charles Avenue in New Orleans!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

New Orleans Homes and Mansions on St. Charles Avenue

       Saint Charles Avenue runs between Canal Street and Carrollton Avenue.  The variety and number of historic homes is outstanding as you travel the entire length of one of New Orleans famous streets.  Lined with Live Oaks and historic homes runs the St. Charles Ave. Streetcar Line .  Many who have lived here all their lives have never walked the length of the Avenue including me.  In 2010 I will walk it this year and take enough photos for a couple of months.