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River Shack on River Road in Old Jefferson….

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

River Shack in Old Jefferson

    One of those local hang outs that you will rarely find elsewhere.  Its on River Road across from the Mississippi River Levee.   3449 River Road in Old Jefferson.

   “Enter the Rivershack’s edible dimension, which won’t be outdone by back-to-back Journey songs or the bar’s extraordinary collection of tacky ashtrays. Although the rumor mill favors the ‘Shack’s “boigers” (medium-thick, juicy specimens), deftly fried shrimp po-boys rocked the picnic table outside where friends and I passed a Friday evening. Buffalo shrimp “shack-a-tizers” outdid them both. Although the only cook clanged his tip pail in my face when I ordered more, he tossed the perfectly-crusted devils in mustardy barbecue sauce and speared the top few with cocktail toothpicks.”

Local Business Survives National Chains! New Orleans is Unique!

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Jefferson Feed and Seed, Old Jefferson Real Estate

      Jefferson Feed and Garden Center once known as Jefferson Feed and Seed has adapted to the changing market place.  Once an old theater it was converted into a pet and garden center.  How can it survive the Wal Marts and the Pet Smarts of the world?  It’s the local service and local needs  that they cater to.  People know that and tend to support the local business when they expand service and variety to meet their needs. Glad it happens that way!

     Jefferson Feed and Garden Center is located at 4421 Jefferson Highway in Old Jefferson.  You want variety and the local items then check it out. I have for over 30 years.  Its really grown in size and scope over the years.