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Homes in Metairie, many are 40-50 years old! Lots of remodeling has been done! It starts in the kitchen!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Metairie Homes, Gourmet Kitchens 

    The homes in Metairie have stood the test of time fairly well.  The area is still great and that’s why remodeling is still what people do in the older suburbs of New Orleans.  Metairie is one of the first and still has a lot of great homes, great schools and lots of great people.

     The place to start remodeling is in the kitchen.  This is where you get your biggest return and where people like to see the updates.  It is also one of the more expensive areas to remodel. Pay attention to appliances, floors, cabinets, counters, plumbing fixtures and natural light.  People eat out a lot here but also enjoy a great place to cook and gather.  It’s South Louisiana !

Metairie Homes, gas cooking is the preferred method