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Historic General Pershing Condos in Uptown New Orleans, 1735 General Pershing…

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Streetcar 922, Desire Car with Eric

This is a great example of a New Orleans Neighborhood Condo in Uptown New Orleans.  They are totally renovated while preserving a lot of the old world charm of this 1920’s Apartment House.  The neighborhood is great and is two blocks from St. Charles Ave. and right where you want to be for Mardi Gras.  Just walk tow blocks over to watch most parades as they begin. Catch the streetcar to downtown or Audubon Park. Each about 40 blocks away.

Each is over 1500 sq. ft of living with each having a garage and large storage area in the basement.  Take a look as it a great new project of 4 units.  Hard to have a nicer kitchen or baths in a condos. Worth taking a look at so enjoy the slideshow and song….Eric

1735 General Pershing Condos, Front Door, Uptown New Orleans Condos



Neighborhood Condos do well in New Orleans Uptown area! What does this say ?

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

5607 Prytania Street Condos, New Orleans Condos

     These 1920 circa apartments were turned into condos this Spring and all 12 were sold within a 6-8 week period before they could be finished.  One reason was location and style.  The terrific location even without parking was they key.  Having a great developer did not hurt either.  The combination of the the historic feel with a very walkable neighborhood made it a success in what has been a slow year. The 5607 Prytania location was a winner.

St. Charles Ave. Condos, Many were converted from apartments!

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

New Orleans Real Estate-Apartments ot Condos on St. Charles Ave.

      The conversion of apartments to condos is the most inexpensive way to create a condo.  The basics are already in place.  The earlier developers did little work in the early years turning the apartments straight into condos.  Once condos became popular the developers had to do much more as buyers wanted new kitchens, new baths and updates.  Buyers were willing to pay for and demanded such upgrades.  The locations on St. Charles Ave are still some of the best.